Charter Arms Professional Revovler

I purchased one 3 weeks ago and did not get to shoot it because I had to send it to Charter to fix some cosmetic blemishes.

Has anyone shot this gun and if so, what are your impressions?

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Yes I have shot the Professional. Actually, I am the second person (Kevin M was the first) to shoot the revolver. I received it as the prize from Charter Arms at the USCCA Expo in Pittsburgh.

I love the feel of the gun and shooting Fereral 85 grain JHP there is no recoil. At the convention I was shooting low but centered vertically. I attribute my misalignment to the fact that Kevin was standing beside me and the event was being filmed.

Shooting at home, I have corrected my aim (nerves) and am on target. My son and friends really enjoy shooting it and have no problems.

I am curious about your blemish. I have one on the grip where my right thumb is. I assume it was caused simply by all the handling that has taken place due to it being a prize.


Welcome @IndianRider! Post us some photos when you get it back :smiley:

Richard, thanks for your comments and observations about this revovler, and congrats on winning it!

The major blemish was a long and deep scratch on the left grip, from the grip screw all the way to the grip’s bottom. Obviousl, whoever installed the grips had their screwdriver slip off the screw and slide down the grip.

There was also 2 places on the left side of the trigger where there was no blued finis, leaving the bare metal to shine through. Has that happened to your trigger or hammer? Charter said that happens with use, and they agreed to mill down my trigger and hammer then re-blue them, saying that making them a touch thinner will prevent the finih from being scratched off.

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Yes, I just checked it out and it is noticable on both sides of the hammer and on the right side of the trigger.

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Got my gun back from Charter. They replaced the grips.

Plus, they milled down the trigger and hammer just a bit and re-blued them. (Yes; although the frame and cylinder have a black coating, the trigger and hammer are actually blued.) Per Charter, milling the trigger and hammer makes them a bit thinner and eliminates their propensity to rub off the finish when they move.

So far, that fix has worked.

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I like the look of these, and the .32 H&R is easy to shoot. Wish it would take the .327 Mag though…That round is stout. You could then practice with .32 Longs or .32 H&R and have a seriously strong round in the Fed Mag for carry.

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