Change your carry based on ammo availability?

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I carry a 45 Long Colt and a 22 cal. I can find 22 all day long, but it’s getting harder to get 45 Long Colt. Getting very hard to find. Any ideas?

I’ll carry .22LR also, if need be. Or whatever else I might need.

Didn’t see .357 magnum or .38 special on the list, revolvers make for a fine carry pistol.


Welcome brother Frederick 10

My practice ammo is reloads I create that duplicate my carry loads. I only carry factory loads for social engagements.

In normal times, I change out my carry ammo every 8-10 months with new ammo, and shoot off the old carry loads in practice sessions. That brass joins the existing inventory of reloadable brass. This has been my regimen for 40+ years. At times of short supply, I just stop consuming the factory loads until new ammo becomes commercially available again. This is about the 5th or 6th “shortage” we have endured since the 1990s–I view shortages as cyclic normalcy. Given their cyclic nature, I suggest that you wait until supplies normalize again, and when dealers get over-stocked buy ammo and components at discounted prices. That’s not much help currently, I know–but I have been an arms hobbyist for over 50 years, and this is how you thrive in this squirrelly situation.