Central Alabama check in

I am a Board Member of Brock’s Gap Training Center (in Hoover). We offer a LOT of great competitive shooting matches and training… and we are taking new members. Y’all come shoot with us and check it out sometime!


How do you get in touch with your facility @Beth, been trying but haven’t been able to get current information on Brock’s Gap (may mean I am bad at Google Fu). Been trying because I am interested in getting back into IDPA.

@Zavier_D The website is: http://www.brocksgap.com/ (You can find a calendar of events and information on membership and such, there!)

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@Beth You are the best ma’am.

Auburn check in. New to the USCCA but far from new to the CCW world.

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Welcome James!


I live up in Birmingham. Shoot me a private message and we can do some recoil therapy, and lunch.

Talladega has an outstanding range if you like long range shooting but I am pretty much down to go anywhere.

Living in Tuscaloosa, have 2 other homes in state Gulf Shores and a place outside Montgomery called Fitzpatrick. Auburn and Irondale are family home towns (parents) but grew up in a military family. Worried my wife will bury in Tuscaloosa and I will have to hear ‘Roll Tide’ through out eternity. WAR EAGLE!

hello. sort of a noob to handguns & such; it’s been some time since I’ve owned one.
I’m getting back into it, and the wife is new to it.
so just call us both noobs & be done with it.
we’re in the Bham metro.

I know this thread is old, but I’m gonna try to check out the forum more here, and thought I’d say Hi here.