Cenna and the CCP

saw where that rather famous wrestler/actor got hammered over something he said…

something about Taiwan being a country and China gettin all upset…

so he said sorry in Chinese…

hmmmmmm… CCP has invested heavily in Hollywood IIRC… they have a LOT of money invested…

possible… the people with the money told Cenna he would never work again unless he said sorry???


It’s mostly because china is now a larger movie market than the US. They don’t have any good streaming services so if you want to see a movie you’ve got to go to the theater.


Follow the money in this situation. Some of these “actors” have huge fan-bases overseas, and they’re not about to jeopardize the massive cash-flow generated from them. Why people hang on the words of celebrities is a mystery at times - words from some people that walk around with makeup on their faces, wearing costumes and repeating somebody else’s dialogue in front of a camera. How meaningless and empty a life do you want to lead?


How did he learn Chinese?

Maybe he was a dedicated reader of fortune cookies. Voices are usually dubbed - I saw a Japanese “Bonanza” once, and Hoss’s voice was very high-pitched as well as comical.

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probably did NOT learn chinese… someone taught him what tones to say?

It seems as if Cenna did learn Mandrin as reported from a podcast interview with Steve Austin back in 2014. He said he learned it to help get the WWE into China. The only problem I have is he was forced to kiss their feet because of money. And I am being nice using the word feet.

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