CDC Director Warns of “Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early” (VIDEO)

Well... this is interesting...

CDC Director Warns of “Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early” (VIDEO)

Well, well, well. Who would have seen anything like this coming?

I thought that the vaccinations were supposed to be our knight in shining armor, the savior of the world, our golden ticket to freedom, etc.

Yet, here we are back to where we started really. The only difference we have right now is that enough people have fought back enough against the tyranny that has been prominent in some states and have some of their freedom back.

We’ve had vaccinations for close to 9 months and the majority of the country is vaccinated, yet we’re about to reach the same levels of infection that we had in February when we hit our highest totals.

They’re already saying that there is going to need to be a booster shot administered. But honestly, where will it end? Is it going to be booster shots ad infinitum? Endless boosters for the rest of our lives that just pump garbage into our bodies?

Well, it’s even worse if you were vaccinated early according to the CDC director Rochelle Walensky.

“We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said.

Walensky continued, “Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”

She said that the only way out is to get the booster shot.
So not only is the efficacy decreasing, but your risk of contracting severe illness is actually INCREASED!

Those who took the vaccine early have a decreased level of protection from the virus now, they are super spreaders in that they can still spread the virus to others because they carry a higher viral load, and they’re at an increased risk of severe disease. What part of this was good for them? Maybe they didn’t catch the virus, or maybe they did. Maybe they would have never caught it anyway.…e-vaccinated-early-video/

Can you summarize so we don’t have to spend an hour? Your text is scrolling for miles…


This. Is there a link to the site?


OK, just got back in my chair, had to go check, we’ve heard this kind of stuff for a long time, in many forms. Any ways I just checked, the sky is still up there, the sky is not falling.


I heard they might add depth perception issues as a possible symptom of the 'Rona. You might need a test. :smile:

So much, on both sides is out there. Sometimes I just don’t know who to believe.


@Brad @Fred_G
There is a live link in the top of the screenshot in the post from OldDude49:
I didn’t watch the hour-long briefing, but it is the same URL I found at The White House U2be channel. I did not go looking for “redrightvideos”.

I skimmed the actual transcript of the actual three-week-old briefing:

and found what you might expect — the briefing concludes nothing like the headline or the “blah-blah-blah” alleged in the “news” item posted here. :smirk: The briefing describes the reasoning behind the proposal for fall 3rd boosters based on concern that Israeli researchers thought the virus was getting ahead of our bogged down immunization program. That was a fast response to an early signal — which is now considered a premature conclusion, so the “fall booster” program is back on hold or maybe or something. Breaking news, not broken news.

If you want an update on the state of things COVID a month ago cause you were on another planet or something, the briefing will get you partly up-to-date, and partly out-of-date. If you want the horrifying scandal, you might check the Fabricated News Network and see what they’ve cooked up this week.

Somber Patriot Day.


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This is gonna be a great next USCCA EXPO main event…

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The “severe” part may come from two issues. A better one - the juice simply aint working, and a worse one - the juice impairs normal immune response to this or other deceases. You can look up “vaccine interference”. There was talk about this possibility from early on, this is why normally, testing and approval process takes 4-5 years or longer.

Well, is there interference or is there none? Let’s take the jab and find out! Who is first?


Many of us have been first.


I know! It is a blessing that the shot is available to people in high risk groups, who trust and want it. This includes my own parents. I pray they are right.
Please dont misinterpret my words as critical of the vaxxed. I had seen bs calling for firing or isolating the vaxxed. That is bs.


Yeah, I’m not sure this is all that shocking. I’m pretty sure annual flu vaccines act in much the same way. Immunological effects don’t last a lifetime. So, yes, I can see where if someone got the vaccine early (like my wife and I did as we both work in clinical healthcare environments) the effects of those may be waning now.

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I have discovered I should NOT take a flu shot… last time I took one I felt like a rabid animal for about 12 hours??? not sure why… stayed away from people and all alone till it wore off… did not want to go off on someone… my emotions were kinda wild… didn’t start right away mind you… was about 8 hours after I got the shot???

ya I know weird… every time the VA says ya want a flu shot I tell em NOPE! and why…

Booster shots = mo profit


What he said.

And see the related article below. It is very long (37 pages) and goes IN DEPTH, but still on a layman’s level, on how viruses and vaccines work. And gets into the specifics of why COVID-19 and its variants can NOT be cured (with or without vaccines) any more than influenza or the rhinovirus.

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In the interest of maybe saving a few folks some time, the Julius Ruechel article begins to fall apart in its second paragraph:

One of the most common reasons given for mass COVID vaccinations is the idea that if we reach herd immunity through vaccination, we can starve the virus out of existence and get our lives back.

I don’t know who might be spreading that “common reason”, but I doubt it’s anyone who knows even the first few things about how infectious diseases, immunology, vaccines, epidemics, and so forth actually work.

A vaccine, or a highly vaccinated population, is not expected to “starve the virus out of existence”. An effective vaccine is only supposed to “starve the virus into a corner” where it isn’t such a threat to civilization, or your kids, or your old age, or whatever problem the disease presents. COVID is no different, it’s just a plain old deadly virus.

Some vaccines do not require boosters (did I ever get a followup measles shot?). Some require a booster every once in a while (tetanus). Some need an update every year (influenza). Some work better with a series for full immunization (HepB, shingles), while many are one and done. COVID is no different, it’s just a new and unfamiliar vaccine.

As far as I know, none of these familiar and unfamiliar vaccine-preventable diseases has been cured or eliminated by vaccines — but billions of lives have been saved, and decades of public health catastrophe averted through their diligent use:

  1. Cholera
  2. COVID-19
  3. Dengue fever
  4. Diphtheria
  5. Ebola
  6. Haemophilus influenzae type b
  7. Hepatitis A
  8. Hepatitis B
  9. Hepatitis E
  10. Human papillomavirus infection
  11. Influenza
  12. Japanese encephalitis
  13. Malaria
  14. Measles
  15. Meningococcal disease
  16. Mumps
  17. Pneumococcal disease
  18. Pertussis
  19. Poliomyelitis
  20. Rabies
  21. Rotavirus gastroenteritis
  22. Rubella
  23. Tetanus
  24. Tick-borne encephalitis
  25. Tuberculosis
  26. Typhoid fever
  27. Varicella
  28. Yellow fever
  29. Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

Sure, the drug makers will get their vig, but that’s how capitalism works isn’t it?
Hey, why am I here? I thought this forum was about responsible gun ownership, not disease theory and politics… :flushed:


Ruechel’s choice of words may not be accurate when he says a virus “starves” (for lack of viable hosts), but I found the article’s discussion of animal reservoirs and the commonality with influenza and rhinovirus interesting nevertheless. Whether any virus is ultimately dead and gone forever was not his point. As for “herd immunity”, his statement was that with frequent mutations (as with COVID), “herd immunity” via vaccine or natural infection is never fully attained, and for some viruses not even partially attained.

As to whether the rest of his very detailed article “falls apart” due to that statement, I’ll have to disagree.

Same with more testing…

Remember to test yourself every time before you leave the house. Revenue, er, um, safety first.

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Did someone say shingles?
In case you are not familiar (I hope so!) - this crap hurts!!! A vaccine reactivating old dormant diceases is bad news about state of immune system.