CCM: Daniel Defense Gun Sweepstakes

Since April, Daniel Defense is giving people a chance to place hundreds of entries in winning a firearm.

You could win multiple times.

We all could use an extra gun.

If you win, please share the news and tell us what kind!

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Do you by chance have a link to that? DD makes some fine AR-15 stuff!


Forgive me, I was certain it was on the post.

Matter of fact they may have not liked me posting for 250 entrees that easy haha!. :rofl:l

Don’t forget other one in the back for one chance

Here’s where I entered:


I think this is using the same tool as @Jesse45 's link but its direct on Daniel Defense’s website:

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What I hate are the gun drawing using gleam to log in. I want to win things but when I see that I don’t bother!
Another thing is seeing Facebook and Twitter accounts inter linked in gun giveaways… how do you think they keep collecting the free information they’ll give to the government? There’s your answer!
I’ll buy mine off the social media radar. ATF Form 4473 may exist but it’ll take em forever to accumulate all the paperwork. Especially after just 2020 alone!

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True enough. I don’t do any social media other than this site, so I usually don’t pay any attention to it. The link I linked was from the email I got.

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Used this and got a few entries in. Thanks