Catch 22 And there is no justice from the Department of Justice

On April 1 2020… I applied for a handgun License to own…Submitted all the paperwork and pay the $40 background check fee…Two weeks later Department of Justice Shelby needed me to provide a live scan because of confusion…I did so within three hours Cost me $80 I have proof that it was done and I have proof that it was delivered. The Department of Justice did not reach a decision within 30 days so they listed my case is incomplete And authorized reseller to release the handgun to me at their discretion…The sellerRespondedThat it was against company policy to release Guns on an incomplete background check…I have tried 15 different ways to reach out to the Department of Justice and so far every time I have bang my head on the wall And unable to protect myself Legally I’m 77 years old and operate a retail jewelry store Crime is on the rise I need to be able to protect myself…My age fighting is out of the question…Any Direction Anyone can give me would be most graciously appreciated…Thank you…


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Humm, what was the retailer? It sounds like THEY did not wish to sell you a firearm?
I’d shelve that retailer and go to a local independently owned company. Or the flip side, Cabela’s or BP may just rubber stamp you and sell you the firearm.

In my discretion a 77 year old dude, who owns a jewelry store would be ok to sell to.
What state are you in?

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I don’t know the retailers in your area. My local store often has workers that try to assist when possible and legal… However, it seems like with the recent rush on the store and the related stress on the employees, social niceties have gone down. I might suggest you ask a local store that specifically deals in firearms and has been established for awhile to see if they have any suggestions or input.

I used to proudly say California but it’s gone laws are the worst

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Sorry for that too man. We know there are AMAZING places to travel with all the NP and State Parks in CA but, CA and NY, unless they change we’ll never travel to those states.


Welcome to the community, and hopefully soon, to gun ownership. For every shop that doesn’t want your business, there are plenty more who do- shop elsewhere. Best of luck…

Fizbin you have definitely had a different experience with Cabela’s (just rubber stamp it), than I. Purchased a Hellcat on-line and went to pick it up when it came in. In the interim I had went through process of renewing CCP early as I had an address change but had not received it back yet. Still had valid permit just with previous address (CCP and Driver’s License addresses didn’t match). Long story short would not even honor it after showing them receipt with address that was being put on renewed permit. Had to go to sheriff’s office and get a permit to purchase to pick it up. Appreciate the fact that they WILL NOT bend the rules at all. FWIW, I am not a first time buyer at Cabela’s. The Hellcat was the 3rd pistol purchased there in 3 Years.

@Don45 Here in TX if you have a LTC you fill out the federal background check form but they do not run it through NICS I guess, thus as I describe it as Rubber Stamp. I have filled out the paper one at smaller shops and they just set it aside, take my money and away I go.

What state are you in? Why do you have to go get permission from your sheriff?

Some states do use your permit as your background check (Wisconsin isn’t one of them). I would agree with @Fizbin that it sounds more like the retailer issue than a Dept of Justice issue.

Some places won’t release the firearm - and that’s for their safety. I would try a different store. I can only imagine it would be even more frustrating as you’ve already jumped through a bunch of hoops with the first store, but it will probably be easier to go through a different store than trying to get an answer from the DOJ at a time like this when their staff is thinner than normal.

This would surprise me. DOJ doesn’t seem like the kind of entity that would leave anything to a retailer’s discretion.

Are you sure that’s accurate? Rather than a “don’t deliver” or simply incomplete statement from DOJ?

Because CA if full of Dem PC babies… :sob: Who apparently need Newsom and Becerra to tell them what’s best for them.


In Nebraska. To purchase a handgun you need either a CCP or a Permit to Purchase which is granted after a background check and is good for a year from date of issue.

Not sure how long you have to live in a state before you buy a gun but is moving a way around it?just curious.

Go to a different store.

Permit to purchase?


The Constitution is the permit to purchase… and to own.

I agree that the Constitution is your “Permit to Purchase”, unfortunately my state doesn’t agree. All-in-all my State (NE) isn’t terribly restrictive. They even stopped the Metro (Omaha) overreach by passing a law that communities can’t further restrict over and above state law when they tried an end run of outlawing concealed carry within the Omaha city limits. Now if they could just nix the requirement to register handguns if you live in the Omaha (which I don’t) and change to stand your ground I’d be content.