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I just got back from running errands in 88-plus-degree heat. Can’t say that I like it much anymore. My idea of a perfect summer day is 75 degrees and no humidity (something we don’t come by often in Ohio).

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Typically I carry a Ruger LC9 on extremely hot days in an alien Gear iwb. Though I mostly still carry my shield 45 owb.

Yes these last few week have been hot I work outside 9 hrs a day is SW ohio its been in the high 90’s I have not changed out to a smaller carry gun I carry a 4" m&p 2.0. But i have been getting alot more rust on my gun because of the amount of sweat the heat has caused

I carry the P365 with a Stealth Gear Ventcore IWB Mini. Lightweight, padded, and breathable for the hot days!

What brand and model is the female wearing in the photo of this article? I am looking at options for my wife and I to wear while riding bikes, motorcycles, walking, etc…

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When I carry either of my carry guns it is OWB. And here in Arizona we’ve been having temps up in the 100+ degrees. And I haven’t changes how I carry at all.

Helpful article?

Sorry to say it but in Ohio you Don’t know what hot is, LMAO. I carry year around in Florida and the key is the right holster. It always amazes me how someone will buy a $900 pistol then go out and buy a $30 holster to carry it around in. I carry all my pistols in custom leather OWB holsters made by an Ohio holster maker by the name of Wright Leather Works. Are they cheap polymer or poorly made nylon? No. But neither are my pistols cheap. So far I have bought 6 different models of their holsters to carry micro compact to full size semi custom 1911 pistols. Each holster is custom made for the gun I intend to carry. They range in price from $100 to $150. It isn’t about the weather, It’s all about the holster folks. Stay away from Kydex and anything you can by one size fits many, especially the crap you can buy at any big box store. Go online to a custom leather holster maker and order a custom holster made for your gun.

I live in Florida also and the heat is always a problem. I’ll pocket carry a G42, or a G43x in a OWB pancake holster with a button up shirt. If I’m going to wear a T- shirt then it’s pocket carry the G42 .I’ll wear a fanny pack holster or a Maxpedition gun pouch on my belt to carry something bigger sometimes.

I have 3 carry guns … for Winter I carry my Colt 1911, the same model I carried in Vietnam in 1966 … for Summer I carry my Kimber Ultra Carry II .45acp which is the prefect size to conceal in my jeans and a t-shirt … my 3rd carry weapon is my Sig Sauer P238 .380 which I can carry anywhere, even in gym shorts.

There some great unorthodox holsters on the market, which can open your eyes to new possibilities …

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