Carrying a gun registered to spouse

I live in MA, and have a quick question:
All the guns in my house are registered to me. My wife, who has her CCL, carries one with her. 1-is that legal? And 2- if she needs to use it, could complications arise?
She has my consent to carry whichever gun she wants, and I think that should be enough, just want to be sure.
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Welcome to the family brother and glad to have you here.

Great question, @Wade5. A couple of questions for you:

Is MA a joint marital property state? Do you have to specify your carry firearms on your carry permit?

From what I’m seeing, you don’t have to register your guns in her name and she can possibly “borrow” your firearms:

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Here is where I found that information:

I would suggest contacting a local attorney or sheriffs department for clarification of the laws and how they would be interpreted in your area. Sorry I don’t have a more concrete answer for you.

You could also check with a USCCA Instructor in MA, they would know the MA laws in a bit more detail. You can find those instructors through a search here: