Carry on Amtrak?

We are considering a train tour of New England and were wondering if anyone has had any experiences with ccw on a train?

You can’t conceal carry on Amtrak. You can transport in checked baggage if you declare it in advance.

And when I say you “can’t conceal carry,” I mean you aren’t supposed to. My experience is that most smaller stations aren’t going to inspect you or your baggage. I say this not because I think you can get away with carrying a firearm, but because many other people could get away with it, and it wouldn’t hurt to think through a plan should another passenger start shooting.

By the way, I’ve only ridden Amtrak in the Midwest and western states. Security might be a lot tighter in New England, where Congress spends all their railroad money.


Thanks for the reply. I will have to look into it further. My gun won’t do me much good locked up !


Back in maybe… 2005 or so… we road an Amtrak for fun from Austin to Dallas for an overnight dinner and hotel trip with the kids. We carried on the train and no one asked or cared. Today, I’m not sure of the rules (land of the free) but we never go to any city anymore.

I’ll keep an eye on this post as I’m curious to see the answer.


The only way to legally travel with a firearm on Amtrak is in a checked bag. Meaning the station you board and get off the train must have checked baggage available. Also you need to make a reservation for the firearm (basically this just informs the crew its there) the bags used to have to be locked I’m not sure if that requirement has been changed. Long guns have their own locker that it gets locked in in the baggage car.

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Just be sure to wear a mask and I’ll bet you’d be fine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Last time I checked reciprocity in Southern New England states is limited to non existent and the penalties for illegally carrying are pretty severe. Make sure you are up on all the state rules in addition to the Amtrak regs. Even traveling through Southern NE with a properly locked and stored firearm can potentially get you in trouble.


Thanks, I’ll check it out


I rarely advise people not to carry. But in that region the laws are so confusing and penalties so stiff. Its not worth it.