Carry = Holster

Watched a man today open carry a beautiful 1911 tucked loose in his belt no holster.

I’m fine with open carry. I would never recommend it to anyone who wants to be a defender, but that’s your right. Party on American. BUT put the darn thing in a holster… I left the check outline with my infant because I don’t feel safe being around a firearm not properly holstered.

I don’t care about Manuel safeties, it needs a nice holster. You paid good money for a 1911, pay good money for a quality leather holster. Someone carrying a 1911 OWB in a leather holster looks awesome. It may not be the wisest choice for defensive carry, but at least it’s safe.

Boys and girls, buy a holster. If you’re going to carry, you need a holster. Don’t buy a cheap piece of garbage, you’ll end up with a holster drawer full of crap. This is the best video on holsters on the internet. This video used to tick me off, but John is %100 correct here.


Holster? What the heck is it? :smiling_imp:

My grand grand grand father didn’t use it…
My grand grand father didn’t use it…
My grand father didn’t use it…
My father didn’t use it…
Should I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding… @Scoutbob is 100% right !

Boys and girls, buy a holster. If you’re going to carry, you need a holster. Don’t buy a cheap piece of garbage, you’ll end up with a holster drawer full of crap.



I should add the 1911 was cocked and I figure/ hope locked :joy::rofl:

Smart man though. He’s not planning on reloading :joy::rofl:


They call it “mexican carry”


Careful…or you’ll get cancelled!


That was my thought was as well :joy::rofl:


By whom? :thinking:
Half of my “Family” is Mexican… I feel safe :wink:


I wish that was true in today’s world. You do not choose what you are offended by, but instead are told what you are offended by. Scary stuff, IMHO. People don’t recognize when they’re being given a hard time anymore, so long as the right/approved words are used.


Jerzy, I don’t think you understand. You can’t offend the white people fresh from university. Those are the ones that will cancel you. :crazy_face:


Yeah… We should start using simpler language…

иногда русский для меня проще английского


смеяться вслух :laughing:

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I love this phrase that I’ve seen several places now:
Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.


Guy watches too much TV!

I am entertained by the derailed political correct conversation happening.


Open carry is fine in the woods. Anywhere else you are simply trying to drawn attention to yourself like a little boy with his first cap gun. People that open carry should make anyone nervous.


That isn’t always the case. For example, I open carry at my work. We’re a hunting club and sporting clays range. Nobody bats an eye there and infact often have good conversations start because of it. I can name several other situations where open carrying would be the preferred method.

Now, I would not suggest it for the majority of situations. I concealed carry the majority of the time I’m in public but I also would not disqualify it as a little boy with a cap gun.


Also @Robert664 welcome to the community. I may disagree with you here but I am glad you’re joining the conversation. The discussion of ideas together will improve our community.


I dunno I have been in several circumstances where I had to carry a pistol sans holster. One was a dress blue affair where I carried an M-9 all night in my custom tailored dress blues. Another was my normal carry piece in a bathing suit with a Hawaiian over shirt. Multiple times answering the door in jeans and a tee shirt. For a planned event yes please carry in a holster but there are times that holsters are impractical or just not attainable. I dunno that I would open carry anywhere but … never say never. If open is legal and your CCW does not crossover … stuffing a gun in your waistband or back pocket is not an attempt to conceal it is an attempt to protectively carry where as putting it in a IWB holster is an attempt to conceal.

On the fence with this one.



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I do not know exactly how he was carrying HOWEVER there is a spring clip that mounts under the grip plate a securely holds a 1911 on your belt and it is nearly invisible by casual observance. I have a clip but rarely have used it. It is safe to carry this way and in shorts and a tee shirt it is very concealable.


Maybe…just maybe…If we always open carried all the time, we could cause “herd awareness”