Carry an extra or don't carry an extra mag, that's the question

I got you brother some people are but most of them are street gangstas.


We are not really a group of sprayers here I am fairly certian. We all write comments quite to the contrary. Having an extra mag lets you clear many malfunctions in a semi auto pistol.

I will bet you my Sig M17 that I would rather have my pistol, especially facing one or more agressors who have Glocks with 33 round mags. An opponent who is moving and shooting maybe. An opponent who is spraying and does not care what they hit.

But if you want to engage that threat with 6 rounds, go for it. No need to call people you dont know sprayers. This old Soldier does not spray.

I am also sure that @Johnnyq60 does not spray either. Especially since he is a retired NYPD Detective. Just sayin sir.


Not trying to start an argument here, I helped with Retired Law Enforcement permits for a couple of years. I forget the number. Myrtle Beach has a large community of retired law enforcement from all over. Some of them could not hit the broad side of a barn, a person would stand a better chance of getting hit if they were moving, because they damn sure could not hit you if you stood still.


Lol, roger that. Not my man @Johnnyq60

He has that look in his eye. That is a compliment by the way. Lol


Why thank you very much @Virgil_H for having my six.


As a former Law Enforcement Officer I have always been use to carrying 2 extra mags on me. You never know when you will go up against more than one person. If any of these civil unrest have taught us is just because you have a gun doesn’t mean a angry mob will automatically back down when they see you have one. Example the 17 year old kid with the Ar-15. They saw that he had a rifle and already shot someone but that still did not stop them from continuing their attack. I rather have it and not need them then to need them and not have them.


I have actually recently started carrying a second extra mag, because you are exactly right!! I would much rather have it an not need it!