Carpooling to shooting range (Emerald Empire) in Eugene Oregon

Howdy Eugene,
Looking for someone to carpool with to the range as I don’t drive and am older and not able most of the time to ride the distance on my bike with gear.
I can help pay for gas and/or share ammo in return and am simply looking for responsible shooting partners and people willing to help an AR beginner if appropriate. Military would be a blessing also as I’m seeking to learn all aspects of weapon handling, tactics, etc. .
Thanks all and God bless you.


Welcome to the family Trent and god bless you brother. I will be praying for someone near you to contact you so you can get to the range. The Bible says ask and it shall be given to you.

Thanks for the prayers Johnny; they’re much appreciated and it’s interesting you speak of the Bible,
Thanks for acknowledging God. Which verse is that and I will study it to gain further understanding?


Matthew 7 vs 7+8


Thanks bud

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