Carjacking what would you do?

I find it amazing how maternal instincts kick and women will face down a rabid dog to get their children back. While there are men, not all men, who will sit back and think; I hope that was enough for that dog. I can’t out run that SOB.


A few years back, my wife and I were at a state park in Florida hiking and we ran into one of the rangers and engaged them in conversation about the ABUNDANCE of alligators. He told us the story of an alligator attack many years back on a child. The gator came out of the water and grabbed the child but only managed to bite a garment but was starting to drag the kid into the water with him. He said the father ran away from the alligator while the mother jumped into the ditch and proceeded to beat the snot out of the gator with hands, feet, her shoes and ultimately the gator let go and scurried away. The kid was fine so they just let it go but he said he’ll never forget the incident.