Carjacking Self-defense

We’ve talked about if 18, 19, and 20-year-olds should be carrying in Vote, Enlist, ... Concealed Carry? Here’s an example of a good outcome of that:

Two questions:

1. Does this change your view of changing the carry age to 18?

2. What laws does your state have about carjacking?


No it really doesn’t change my thinking. That someone acted lawfully in one situation doesn’t mean they have the judgement or life experience to always make good judgement in life/death situations.

Without knowing more I can’t say for certain but while it appears to be a legally justified shooting it was unnecessary as he had lots of other options available starting with simply slamming his door and locking it and probably could have either put it in drive or reverse and bugged out.

An older individual, steadier of mind and with a little training would have realized those other options existed.

I’d call this justifiable, legal, but unnecessary and not really a good argument for lowering the legal carry age.

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