Capital Hill... why no CCTV footage?

Capital Hill… of all the places in America. We all know it’s security levels are high. So why no CCTV footage on mass media?
Everything we see is from someone’s cell phone.
Just curious.


The politicians probably don’t want a record of all their shady deals so wouldn’t be surprised if their were very few cameras on the inside. Even if there are cameras I would think they wouldn’t want to share the footage to avoid showing their security practices to potential threats. Though last weeks events provided a lot of info on vulnerabilities!


All just a cover up my friends. The Media only a tells us what the left wants us to hear. It is propaganda in its highest form.

I’m telling you guys. It started with media control. Then Obama’s health care (taxing us if we don’t have insurance). Then we went to division of the people (racial war).
Then a lockdown over something that wasn’t necessary (covid-19 pandemic). Now stealing an election in front of all of us.

Look up the history of other countries that have dictatorships in office. Then tell me where we’re heading.


There’s a simple explanation… politics has nothing to do with it.

Capitol is a federal building and any recording done by Capitol’s CCTV is a federal property.
Doesn’t need to be shared during investigation.

All cellphones recordings we have seen are public and can be used by anyone who want use it.


I thought the capital building was “we the people’s” building? Am I wrong about that? If I’m not wrong then all that footage they have should be public.

@Jerzy what you think?


Capitol building is “for People”…but it is still a federal building with federal rules inside.

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@Jerzy you forget that the government works for us. Not the other way around.

That’s what everybody’s forgets. We don’t work for the government. The government works for us. The government has stopped working for us. “We the people” have Allowed the government to control us instead of work for us.

It is time to remind them. It’s time for the tyranny of the government to end.


@Justin47 ,
I’m not going to discuss the facts.
I’m also far away from any political polemics at USCCA Forum.
I wish this Community stays " Place for Self-Defense Education, Training and Discussions with Responsibly Armed Americans".

If you feel you need to see Capitol’s CCTV footage - go and ask FBI, or however is running the investigation.

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If that was true, then why did you comment on the thread? You had a choice not to. You don’t have to read or comment on anything you don’t want to.

But be sure @Jerzy if your going to comment, other people are going to comment back.


I did comment…just to show the facts.
I did not discuss farther.

So true, and they got away with it. We have to make sure this never happens again.