can't fix stupid #2


Not sure why the original author of the blurb is publishing it if he is sure it is fake? Sounds like irresponsible journalism to me. Also didn’t sound like a real gun going off. Sounded more like an airsoft pistol. Though it would still be a stupid move to twirl a loaded airsoft pistol. Especially without eye protection.

Edit to add:
Was listening in a noisy environment. Sounds much more gun like when I listened in a quieter environment. If the incident is real and he is a real LEO he should definitely have been fired on the spot.


Wowww! I mean…Wowwww! If it’s real…and if what’s displayed on the plate carrier is real, this should be his last day being able to display it. He should immediately surrender his meal card so that it can be stamped… “NO DESSERT.”


I go with fake, his reaction does not look real. If it was a real ND - and as close to him as it was - he would not have just a surprised look on his face - he would have a huge "oh, sh-t! look. As other posters to the thread in the linked site mentioned, the hole is too large, and that in spinning the handgun, it is unlikely, due to enertia, that he could have touched the trigger with enough force to fire it.


Ok, that’s it! The bullet goes in the pocket Barney!


“No, no, no, I never pulled the trigger”. :laughing:


This seems all out of place. Staged in stupidity! Several things stand out as being not what they should be.
I’m a front line first responder. I interact with police officers fairly regularly. This guy’s demeanor says - not a cop! I have yet to meet a police officer that approaches gun handling in this way. Note the police decal - seems to be velcro-ed into place. The configuration of the vest is questionable and seems to be missing side securement, hence the bulging in the front. Cuffs in front of the gun? NO WAY!

Most notable - Where’s his badge? Every police officer I know and have met have the badge clearly displayed on the upper left, vest or no vest!

Just my opinion and my observations.


All I can say is that my weapons are not toys to be played with,My take on weapons are DEADLY SERIOUS,they are not toys and a weapon is not a TOY to play with!


Press never pull press. Repeating LY. An re loaded Bobby Jean :bangbang::feather::feather: