Can't find the mag pouches I want


I am trying to find AR 5.56 quick access molle mag pouches. I want a closed bottom with a drain at the bottom.

Almost everything I can find does not have a closed bottom. They are generally open on the sides, especially at the bottom. There is enough dust blowing around out here that I feel the need for a closed bottom, but even in New Mexico it does rain periodically (there’s even a river and everything!), so I want a drain at the bottom (I want to keep dust out and let water out.) I know that these exist, because I have seen them in person, but I can’t find any to buy. Can anyone point me toward some?


Like these maybe. : Outry M4 M16 AR-15 Type Magazine Pouch Mag Holder - Triple / Double / Single Airsoft MOLLE Mag Pouch - Velcro Closed Flap Version - Triple - Multicam / CP : Sports & Outdoors : GVN Tactical Triple Mag Pouch, PALS MOLLE AR M4 5.56/.223 Triple Magazine Pouch Mag Holder Tactical Black : Sports & Outdoors


Does this help?


If you have any Military surplus stores near you it can also be a great place to pick some up.


Thank you guys. I looked at every place I could think of, but I confess that I never thought to look at Amazon. I think I checked 5.11, but I never found that one. Looks like exactly what I want.

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