Canine Burglar Alarm

If it is that bad I am sorry.

Just realize, Evil always seems to have it’s greatest success when it shows up in a place where it’s least expected


That is a decision each individual has to make but I’m personally not willing to let it get that far as I’m afraid, by that point, things will be out of control and irreversible, costing me or a loved one our life.


It is not that I am not ready for it, I can’t visualize it until I see it.

I have had a number of instructors (sports and self defense) throughout my life tell me how important visualization is. Our brains and bodies are at a distinct disadvantage when they are faced with novel situations that they have not been properly prepared for.

That is one of the main reasons I hang out here. I want to learn about the possible situations I may encounter someday and mentally place myself in those situations so I can prepare my mind and body to respond properly and effectively.

Imagining oneself not responding to a threat until we are down and bleeding is a recipe for failure. We should prepare ourselves to continue responding under those circumstances. But it is a lot smarter to spend the majority of our time visualizing and training for ways not to end up that way.


When I go to the range and shoot IDPA i can visualize it. The more I think about the scenario the better I do. I do the best when this scenario involves someone in my family or close to me. Just sitting in my house and trying to visualize it I just visualize a peaceful person. I am not a psychologist, but my guess would be I had a traumatic experience, which is why I can’t make the visual association.

For me it’s pretty easy. I’m either envisioning situations where my wife and son are there in direct need of my protection or I’m envisioning a situation where I am alone and need to keep myself safe so that I can be there to protect and provide for them in the future.


Violence, whether criminal or good violence has a fear involved with it I know I shouldn’t ignore that fear and I should determine if that fear is an actual threat or not, but without seeing it and feeling it in real life or performing it in a range scenario, I cannot imagine it.

Do you feel a sense of urgency? When in those situations?

In the few situations I have been in where I felt my life was truly on the line I don’t really remember feeling much of anything during the event. I just reacted the way that I had mentally and physically practiced.

After the fact when I had gotten to a safe place I got the shakes from the adrenaline dump wearing off and felt pretty lucky to be alive and unharmed.


Happy Saint Patty’s day


That’s a very real danger for some people, for me especially. I have a rare adrenal disorder called Addison’s. Unchecked or uncontrolled adrenaline can, literally, kill me. I have an emergency dosage with me 24/7, just like I have my CC firearm. It’s one of the reasons I am so security conscious, and why my home has as much layered security redundancy as it does. It’s the reason why I have gone to the levels of expense and training that I have. It’s why I trained 3 K-9’s for my own use. 2 are with my daughter, for my peace of mind, and 1 is with me. So that the layers of defense will deter as many as it is possible.

I hope I never need to find out if it’s enough, but I’m enough of a realist, to know it’s not my decision.


Not sure if this would help or not but I am currently taking an online dry fire course and a significant focus of the course is on stress modulation. It has some meditation and body control exercises designed to help immediately enter a relaxed mental state.

I’ve gotten to practice the techniques a bunch the past few weeks dealing with my wife who is super stressed out by some unmeetable work deadlines she was given and my son who has been bouncing off the walls a little more than usual lately🤪


I do all sorts of things to help ameliorate stress.


Pretty close
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