Cancelling July 4th?

They canceled COPS
Removed “Gone With The Wind” from HBO
In the process of removing statues, paintings, landmarks and want to rename cities and military bases
What will we call the White House next week
Our nation is being looted. This is the most sickening plot to defeat a president
Also reminds me of how Rome was destroyed!
Can this be stopped?


I say we have power in the form of: Vote, elected officials are just that elected to do the will of the people, if they don’t vote them out.
Also the power of the wallet. Let the money do the talking if you don’t like the AD or the commerical, don’t buy. Call the company and complain. We can do a lot. and last but not least just say NO, I will not comply.



We can also be prepared to defend our families, friends, and ourselves at all times. Stay in Condition Orange. It’s gonna get real folks. This is just the begining. Sorry to be so glum right now. May the Lord bless and protect us.


From a great patriot… Lt Col Allen West…


The vote is already a done deal! The VP pick, with the help of mail in voting, WILL be our new president by March 2021. I’m not a soothsayer or an oracle but ancient history told us what can happen when you start serving up your own people in a bowl of stew. Cops are going to be eaten alive and when law and order ceases and walks off the job ( I couldn’t blame them), anarchies will fill the void. The riots were just the preamble. Prepare accordingly.


Very well-spoken. I don’t know anything about him, but his commentary rings true.


Wow! Wow!

You are so right! Put a chill up my spine