Canadian gun control vs. the United States

There are some statistics on Canadian gun control, if I may share them with you. Now, the main victimization survey in their respective countries are the general social survey and we have the Bjs National Crime Victimization Survey.

I have been doing research on Canadian gun control and I can tell you, Burglary is more prevalent in Canada than the states.

According to General Social Survey on Victimization 2004,2009 and 2014

The % of victimized household in the GSS were:
2004: 2.5% B&E and 0.9% attempted B&E 3.4%
2009: 2.7% B&E and 1.1% attempted B&E 3.8% 3.2% or 3.1%
2014: 1.7% B&E and 0.7% attempted B&E 2.4%

The ICVS has burglary for 2009 as Household Burglary as 2.9%. ICVS doesn’t include thefts from garages, while the GSS does.

Burglary being 3.8% in 2009 and then 2.4% in 2009. Um…no, too big of a drop for me to accept.

I don’t consider the 3.8% statistic to be correct for 2009 as police recorded crime shows that B&E was falling. There are confidence intervals for each survey (A high number and a low number) that the survey considers to be a true number. The high number could be 3.8% and the low number 3.1%. The true number falls between a set of numbers.

The General Social Survey had a 75% response rate for 2004. 61% for 2009 and 52.1% for 2009.

ICVS had a 22% response rate for 2009.

I feel if the 61.2% response rate and 22% was added to it, B&E would have been said to be 2.9%.

The United States bjs victimization for 2004 for burglary was 2.1%,2009 was 2.1% and 1.6%

75%-80% response rate

ICVS victimization info is here:

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