Canada Solves Drug Addiction

This is a liberal solution in its beautiful simplicity! I wonder if these Canadian mind giants have anything to offer for homelessness and unemployment?


I pray for the souls of people who have proposed this. I pray for the poor fools who hope for Universal Basic Income or some such scheme, they don’t understand their pleasure will be short lived. And what if people refuse to get euthanized, same way they refused to get vaxxed, will there be … you know, efforts to persuade them?

Goodness, talk about NWO conspiracy theory.


I don’t, I won’t! Only good people in times of trouble deserve my attention and prayers!


Mind giants :joy::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::joy::rofl::sweat_smile:
That’s right up there with mental midgets

they will probably widen the scope of this to include those people who suffer from being Canadian evetually.


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Maybe they should simply allow more handgun ownership and people can shoot themselves. People over 45 are more likely to blow their own brains out than young folks.
New business idea - prepay bio cleanup. Pitch - Buy special suicide hollow point and get a discount on on your bio cleanup!
“The splatters matters”
“Make your family rich, shoot yourself without a hitch”
I wonder if you get the sarcasm…

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