Can you sue

I do think you hit the nail on the head :slight_smile:

The legal aspect can create a lot of issues… me speaking of the Constitution and you on state laws, and your state laws, and then we have 50 states with laws…

it is no wonder there is some many issues…

I knew we were in the same ball park…

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Very good point with different talking points. Constitution vs state law or requirements.

@45IPAC I found that once I knew what businesses to avoid it really isn’t a big deal anymore. In the beginning there was certainly a learning curve.

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And our money can speak volumes when we utilize it well.


Absolutely, there is a local gun store that I purchased a firearm from just because he refused to sell to someone who had absolutely no business owning a firearm. I went in for cleaning supplies. When I told him why, he gave me a handful of cards and when someone returned one of those cards I got a free box of ammo.

I cant tell you how many gun stores I drive by but in the last 4 years every purchase or ffl transfer has gone thru his doors.


I will be an ambassador for the gun community. Sometimes that means going without, or going someplace else . I will “vote with my wallet”, and may even send snail-mail, or an e-mail to the owner expressing my disappointment, and letting them know that I will not return until they remove the sign. No matter what will I do what I want, or go rogue. We have enough prejudices to fight as it is, I will not give them another chance at a bad impression.

Damn. Captcha won’t load for me, even with my guards down. Might be the VPN, I suppose. Since I neither live in nor plan to visit Ohio, it’s not really worth the effort at this time of night, especially as the midnight gotosleep meds are starting to work.

Laws vary by state.

As responsibly armed Americans, we obey the law and respect the rights of others. If there is a no guns sign posted, taking your firearm into that establishment is a violation of the owner’s rights.

You have the ability to take your business elsewhere or abide by the request of the owner of the establishment and not have a gun in their business.

If we want our rights to be respected, we need to respect the rights of others.



And in that scenario, the business has been held liable by an act of the state legislature and it is known, and at that point they must take steps to ensure security or face penalty.

I still say, take our money to another more gun friendly establishment.


Interesting … what’s its name? Thanks.

It’s called Posted! (The ! Is part of the name)
It is consumer driven. You can add comments, and even post pictures on it so others are clear about the intent. It has listings for non 2A friendly, and pro 2A places.


I’d love to see it happen, however, the courts usually stay out of political battles based on separation of powers.

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While I’m no lawyer and I can’t offer any legal advice, I did find this information for you:,to%20be%20within%20the%20law.

Now, as for suing a place…you can sue anyone or anything. Whether or not you get anything from it is another story.

Thanks … I’ll check it out.

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