Can we Help End the Ammo Shortage?

OK, so Obama had many non-LEO/military organization (like the department of education, the EPA) buy trillions of rounds of ammo simply to get the prices up and deprive the American citizen.

So I’ve contacted my congressional delegation to ask them to work to get all that ammo put back on the market. We can all do this… easy peasy…

President Trump has a site that you can also go to to ask him to order these organizations to put the ammo back on the market:


Gun Owners for Trump, in my opinion, carries no weight. The advisory board, which included several prominent names have done very little if any thing to guide the President. This is per an article in FIREARMS NEWS. The article goes on to state that the second term outline made no mention of this group and it’s support for important laws/guide lines.
I can not find any information as to what happens to the information the groups ask for,e.g., Name, Address and other information that could be used against those people that fill in the blanks. I am by nature a Cyical person, nothing is free and someone will pay for information and influence.
I have not found any reference to this group doing anything but asking for donations. Very much like a Kiss and a promise, no thanks.

I am not against anyone/group that promotes the 2nd, but show me some action that has been taken.



The lady in this video is on the board… she has some interesting things to say.

Here’s the thing. Signing up for something like that, honestly it puts a mark on your back. We have no idea who can see these things and quite honestly I don’t know some democratic put this out there just to make a list. I discourage people to sign up for things like this. You have no idea who’s behind it. Could be a complete lie.

I know some people call me a conspiracy theorist. I call myself a seeker of Truth. I do know for a fact in past years Democrats have done things too find out who they have and don’t have in weighs just like this.

My father-in-law used to sign up for all those things. Every chance he got he put his name down on a Republican survey or things like this that you’re talking about. After all his years of doing business he started getting audited. Every year he got audited and he never was wrong on his taxes everything was proven right but he got audited every single year after he started signing up for things just like that.

Big brother is always watching :face_with_monocle:


Donald Trump is behind it… he put it together to be able to see where 2A people are at…

There is good info in the following video… the lady in the video is on the board…

Good article from an out side source, some Pro and Con. In the end he is all we got.


:point_up_2:I agree with you Justin… The Cobra Has Spokencobra 2


you"re not signing up for anything. You are voicing your concerns with the hopes that it will get to the ear of President Trump… you don’t even have to leave a real email address.

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