Can this be happening?

I am no longer in the state of California and I got out last year. But while there the restrictions on getting guns was getting worse every year. I left before the ammunition restrictions hit so I didn’t experience some of the new problems that have been created. That brings me to this shared story.

A friend of mine has a daughter now living in Huntington Beach and her Brother in Law gave her a Shotgun for home protection. Now that means her husband is the brother of the man donating the shotgun. It used to be that family transfers were allowed without a FFL. At least you could store your shotgun or rifle with a family member. Anyway the woman and her husband went down to get some ammo for the shotgun and filled out all of the necessary paperwork. So far so good it seemed. But then they were told there was no record of them owning a gun so they couldn’t buy ammo? Could this be?


I believe this to be true. Luckily I was able to but a few thousand rounds during freedom day. Had it shipped on the day of. Thanks Saint Benitez


I checked with a friend that is active in California and it is true. It was part of what the one judge ruled as unconstitutional and the 9th put a stay on till it can be appealed.


Welcome to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia (DPRK). Chairman Kim must be so proud…

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