Can anyone verify this?

Was meant to be an ampersand so it would read War College and West Point

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As in date, time, place? Or do want specific page numbers from Geneva Convention. Do a freaking Google search. It’s not hard to find.

Someone asked what a black American flag meant and I told them what a black American flag meant and I told them what it has historically meant and that is “No Quarter” will be given.

"The United States has not to date foresworn the possibility that it might direct attacks against the civilian population, or otherwise launch attacks that cause disproportionate civilian harm, by relying on the customary international law doctrine of belligerent reprisal This doctrine permits, in exceptional cases acts that would otherwise violate IHL when used as an enforcement measure in reaction to unlawful acts of an adversary

“On the one hand, the trials have transformed the previously sketchy rules on reprisals into a more comprehensive and elaborate system of control. On the other hand, the Geneva Conventions have provided for almost the complete abolition of reprisals in the very area for which the rules of control were formulated. Moreover, the conventions remain unratified by many of the major Powers, of which at least one has already demonstrated its inability to observe the abolition of reprisals”.

Sorry all the edits couldn’t get the bolded parts right


Sorry, was in the military, a long time and much of the definitions and terminology stuck. Since my avatar was the one pictured, I am responding. A question about what a black flag was. Then a comment about the Geneva Convention.

At no point did I attempt to

Using military terms and suggesting a legitimate peacetime politician views his opponents as military foes is a total smear

I provided answers to questions.

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What jo140 is stating is wrong. The flag meaning he described was sort of for a black American flag and it simply means No Quarter…


No, not you, I meant the original phone screen shot. Sorry if it wasnt clear.

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you didn’t read the words? Surrender or die… is contained in the meme…

says that flag means there will be no quarter given no prisoners taken etc…

just read what’s posted in the meme???


the flag depicted has NO STARS on it… so???

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I still don’t follow.

It says the enemy needs to surrender before the rally is over…so if “The enemy” doesn’t “surrender”, they will die? Was it a death threat?

I really just don’t understand what the message is supposed to be that is wanted to be verified

last I heard the U.S. did NOT sign on to the Geneva convention???


that seems to be the claim… but is it true??? or so much media fabrication…

that is the point of this thread… and IMHO what it says is not truth…

but wanted others opinions… so here is the thread asking that question…

and seeking replies…

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Nope and I even heard but can’t prove it that special forces are being issued hollow points now

What source did you use? According to Wikipedia (I think we can trust it on dates), US has been a signatory to all protocols since 1949, though not all parts ratified.

I would not believe anything that wiki says :roll_eyes:


Corroborated in this source, but you are welcome to dispute

I did say that and said thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

No one can verify this, because it’s utter crap.

First, if you zoom on the photo, there are stars on the flag. They’re dim because of the lighting, but I can still make out the clear pattern of offset rows.

Second, there’s no such thing as a flag without stars on it in the U.S. military. By definition since 1777, a flag without stars is not a U.S. flag. In vexillology, BTW, that section is called the “Canton,” and in the United States that star section is called the “Union,” because it represents the union of the states which make up our nation. No stars, no nation. I have never, ever, ever seen a “U.S. Flag” with no stars, and certainly not in the military; and have never, ever, ever even heard of during my years in the military. So what good would it do to suddenly hoist a flag with no stars when service members don’t know what it means? Who would even see such a thing, unless they happen to be staring at the flagpole on base?

And for those who are going to say “I was in the military and we were taught this…” show me the regs or else sit down and shut up. If it ain’t in print, it’s just another rumor.


The part that I bolded is the important part. What they have not ratified is any sort of control over Nuclear Weapons usage, that was part one of a post I made several posts up and came straight from the Geneva Convention, and the use of Belligerent Reprisal which also came from the Geneva Convention.

What the US has done through every President, is they have agreed to minimize civilian casualties, and treatment of POW’s. But they have always reserved the right for how they use their Nuclear Weapons regardless of civilian or non combatants, and they have reserved the right of reprisal.

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