Calling all Taurus Lovers!

I had a Taurus 85 and it literally cut my finger every time I took it out to the range.
Wound up opting to replace the snubby with a larger S&W … I forget what it was, maybe a 686? That one’s gone too, lol… I sometimes miss it.

For fair comparison, my similarly sized S&W 442 “We The People” limited edition is awesome, and does NOT cut my finger.

I also have a Taurus PT-22 … my first handgun many many years ago was a PT-22… I went to great lengths to find the same model with the same grips, same metal, etc., and acquired it a couple years ago.

Lots of feed problems, I’m guessing magazine-related, although the feed ramp may also need re-shaped.

I just need to find the $$ to prioritize getting a couple new mags, and maybe I can bend the metal a little bit back to the right place on the mag’s feeding area.

I bought my wife a S&W 380EZ for her carry weapon. She LOVES it!

Yeah, I really like it too. It truly is EZ to load and shoot.