Calling all Taurus Lovers!

@LordDeinonychus I’d love to try pyramid sights on one of my glocks… where did you find them?

This is the place. They have some that glow and some that don’t.

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Thank you @LordDeinonychus I’ve ordered a set for my glock G19 :blush: I’ll report back on my experience.

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I’m just waiting for Taurus to roll out their AR15 line…
The TAR-15
Don’t use that Taurus folk or you will owe me :dollar::moneybag::dollar:

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My EDC is a Taurus G2S. I have never had a problem with it that wasn’t ‘operator error.’ I would like to get a G3, but would prefer to spend the needed money at the range working on self-defense skills. I think that it is better to know one gun intimently than to know 2 or 3. Passingly well.