California law may backfire terribly as 70,000 independent truckers could be...


…just more of that California freedom Newsom is bragging to DeSantis about.


I thought I smelled more than one rat.

There will always be one.


Leftist California hates “Independent” entities.

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I never can fully open articles on the blaze. Here’s one on the same topic if you wanna read more.

IMO - the only thing I see is unions are very powerful ; think that has a lot to do with it. By making independent contractors become employees they will no doubt join a Union.
There are dots to connect about costs that truckers. I can’t find it but the additional tax was to be placed on truckers but they Bergen
For a higher cost of Diesel fuel ( when fuel was not too bad ). Yes trucks do put more wear and tear on roads but they supply America. There are
70,000 truckers picking up cargo every day, if for one day they didn’t pick cargo it would cause a backlash across the United state ( same thing with fuel ).
So how come a large container can be shipped from overseas to the USA cheeper than trucking it a few states away, even if rail transport is used still need 18 wheelers.
PS: we don’t have 18 wheelers driving on our back roads yet it’s Dodge the pothole games. Some of these pot holes are big enough for a cow and a small boy to fit in.
PS: getting harder to have happy thoughts.

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