California Gun Sales Skyrocketing, Media Asks Why?


Interesting point made by the author of the article:

"Now, Williams is an interesting case and one I really want to address. I mean, while I suspect Jeffries is more indicative of much of the increased gun sales, Williams is the one that I think we need to talk about.

She’s a progressive activist. She probably disagrees with me on just about everything politically. Yet when she believed something represented a threat to her, she didn’t call the police. She didn’t trust the police. She armed herself.

While I’m sure I disagree with her on plenty, I don’t disagree this was the smart move.

See, even if I think here fears are unreasonable, that doesn’t negate them. It also doesn’t necessarily mean she’s wrong. She’s the one in the best position to determine whether or not she’s in need of a firearm. So, she used that judgment and purchased one.

Good for her.

Yet it’s funny how many of her fellow progressives can badmouth police out of one side of their mouth and, out of the other, demand we give up our guns and trust our security to those very same police. It makes absolutely no sense."

I would love to find a way for liberal gun owners and conservative gun owners to come together on at least the 2A.

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Now all we need is for her and people like her to take a true active interest in gun safety, get a couple of gun classes under her belt, hang out on this forum for a while…

This, rather than “I’ve got a gun, and now I’m safe.”

Could it possibly be that this is where conservatives and liberals come together?

Common ground.

This is what “unity” is really about.


You know, that’s an interesting point. If every adult citizen was armed, perhaps we could partially defund the police.

An armed society is a polite society. Petty crimes would surely decrease if the majority of adults were more capable of defending themselves. We’d need less police to track down every mid-20s male ne’er-do-well and they could focus on directing traffic and processing real crime scenes.

I have many pro-2A friends on the left side of the aisle. We’re essentially without a party right now, but we exist. Empowering individuals has always been a Liberal value.


I’m curious, how many in the current generation?

Not sure what that means. I’m referring to living people, if that helps.

Sorry, I realized that was vague; how many of your pro-2A left side of the aisle friends are under 30?

Interesting question. Most of my truly close friends are above 30. I have plenty of acquaintances under 30, but many of them are not as close (i.e. coworkers) and I avoid talking politics with them. So I guess I can’t really answer that question because I haven’t let myself learn the answer.

Besides, I remember how young and dumb I was when I was in my 20s, I prefer to grant them the same grace my elders gave me. I suspect many of them fall victim to this artificial bifurcation of society, thinking they must be completely aligned with one party or another. Sure, that holds true for some crusty old folks like me, too, but I find that many people eventually come to a point in their life where they’ve witnessed enough absurdity on either side, and realize we all have to think for ourselves.

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I agree with you completely that an armed society is a polite society. I would add a caveat that an educated armed populace is of utmost importance.