California bans sale of diesel big rigs by 2036

Middle ages, baby! But this one is no Renaissance festival… delivery of goods by horse and cart cannot sustain this much population, period.


How will goods arriving from Asia at CA ports make their way inland to all those Amazon consumers?

Note also that the ban also applies to garbage trucks. I’ve not seen any news about the development of electric garbage trucks.


We’ll see how that idiocy works out when their shelves are empty. California is governed by some of the stupidest politicians in the US, yet they continue to be reelected. Mindboggling!


I dont worry about Amazon, they can pick up in Mexico, CA seaports will be ghost towns, like ruins of Chernobyl


It shows you the intelligence of who is left


No it does not. You assume the Left shoots itself in the foot. It may be the Left’s handlers want the Left to shoot Western Civilization in the head.

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There are a few institutions which are attempting to switch to electric delivery and people transport vehicles. Unfortunately, info on problems seems to be kept out of the news and more word of mouth.

I don’t care what tech is used as long as it works. However, without transparency on problems how do we make a determination of future potential, realistic changes in protocol and safety, or even enforce a transition?

It seems like China has put a lot of effort into the electronic transition, but information about their teething issues is limited and hard to vet. There are many factors in relying on an electrified fleet (including technician/worker/repairmen safety and power requirements), but it seems like the fire hazards are easier to find on the internet:


For a more US angle consider

It must also be said that Tesla and other manufacturers have begun to use lithium iron phosphate batteries, considered among the safest in tests compared to other more popular lithium batteries .

According to the researchers, the widespread use of low-cost electric vehicles , on which the manufacturers have built the largest circulating fleet of electric cars in the world, is also a factor that should not be underestimated among the causes of the increase in electric car fires in China.

There is more but it doesn’t seem like a particular cause for concern with vehicles sold here in the states


I edited before your response (I think). The point I was making, is that it’s hard to find reports of problems “in the news,” although fires seem to be easier to find.

If you speak with people involved with delivery, transport, maintenance, and charging/parking procedures for the large delivery and people transport vehicles, significant changes, investment, safety protocols, etc. are involved… including ongoing adaptation to issues not common on ICE vehicles.

Problems with ICE vehicles on the other hand, have hefty industry support, knowledge, training programs, and parts availability with which to fix problems. It will take time and struggles for early adopters to weed out new issues, as well as gain experience and a support base for materials and service. If one is OK with testing the new frontier that is great, and early adopters willing to work with these issues and costs is how we as a society progress in the free-market. However, forcing others to take the same risks and struggles without a choice isn’t right, IMO.

In the areas I’ve lived, I am often laughed at because I often choose to walk a couple city blocks instead of driving/riding everywhere. I have my reasons, and think it is better when one can. However, I would never force people to walk if they didn’t want to. It should be the consumer’s choice since everyone’s lifestyles and life requirements are different.


Well, if you don’t eat, you don’t ####.
Why are we worried about Kalifornians who are intent on committing mass suicide? They’ve had more choices and options, than Kamala has words!

This country has plenty of Red State coastline. As well as eager young workers!

Maybe Newsome and Adams should embark on a garbage summit.
Personally I wouldn’t mind turning both states into the nation’s landfill and prison!
I know what you’ll say about the beauty of the real California,
but hey, she was beautiful before she smiled!



Who’s making money out of this initiative?


It can be done, for a cost. They will set up shipping depots in the eastern side of Commifornia. Shipping companies will have charging stations at both ports. Drivers assigned 2 trucks. At its widest, that state is about 560 miles across. At 70 mph, that’s 8 hours to cross. You drive one truck to the east, and the other to the west. It could in theory be done, with one truck. I think you’ll see companies spring up, that just specialize in shipping in California. You’ll see their depots near rail yards, and even yards that are just drop yards. They’ll never divulge the cost to charge those electric trucks, though.


There are already trucking firms with rigs having fuel capacity to make it from Nevada/ Arizona to CA Ports and return without needing to refuel in expensive CA.