CAA/Roni and AFT new rule

Under the new ATF rule, I’m I correct that the CAA Roni is now consider an SBR?


Is that the plastic doohickey (yep that’s an official thing now). That you put your pistol In to make it a sort of carbine. I would say I’m not going to test it. Just due to an abundance of caution.

I would be inclined to say that it was fine but I wouldn’t want to be the 2A legend waiting in jail, for a court to say I was right.


I have a friend that hated that. He spent a boat :ship: load of money on accessories ($1,000 +). He was not happy.


I agree with you. I also do not to be the 2A ledgen.

Thank you


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Welcome to the Community @Hernando. I hope you will find your USCCA Membership very helpful on your journey as a responsible gunowner. As to your question, Yeppers! The spirit behind it is, since the RONI was created to be an aid for gunowners with disabilities, which means it was to be attached to the forearm of the disabled person, but the moment the brace was placed in the should pocket the characteristic changed to become a sort of butt stock, hence an SBR characteristic. A perversion of what was intended so-to-speak. However, for all who spent all that money for them, and the like, are not due a refund unfortunately, but they still have choices, albeit none of them good, yet choices, nonetheless.
Looking forward to your contributions as well. Again, welcome.


Welcome @Hernando!

Yes, the CAA Roni is on the list.

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