Bump Up Your Security

One way to improve this is to change your car’s trunk lock, and carry the keys separately from your ignition keys - I used to carry a full set of duplicate keys on a single split ring - my main set was on a double detachable ring - when I had work done, the mechanic had only the ignition key in order to do the service, etc. - one solution for anyone with a nose problem.


With an SUV, pickup, or most modern sedans (since roughly 2007, maybe?), this doesn’t help, for the following reasons:

  • Cars with push-button start don’t have keys separate from the fob, and the fob can be used to unlock and pop the rear access (door, liftgate, etc.).
  • Many modern sedans without a push-button start still have the ignition key integrated with the fob.
  • Most modern sedans have a split fold-down rear seat. That fold-down could be accessed from the cabin.
  • Pickups and SUVs are open throughout (I know that’s obvious. Including it anyway).

If your sedan is old enough, or you are fortunate enough to own a sedan with a valet key, the trunk lock technique is perfectly workable.


I bought a console safe that has a combination. Hopefully that slows down theft. Definitely works for servicing car. But Zi do not put valuables in storage unless at the gym. :roll_eyes: yea, right, me at the gym. :rofl:

Good grief.

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Saved me the trouble of answering. Thanks ( just wanted to see my name here)

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Just buy a Ford. The door lever is electronic, and Ford can’t figure seals out, so it will go out in a couple years and no one will be able to get in. (I’m salty about a weekend project I have coming up with my wife’s car :joy:)

Stop complaining. You got off easy.