Bullet proof

I have a question what’s the best bullet proof vest to get for a person who has a mild scoliosis and whats the best company.

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I don’t think there is a best vest or a best company.

And some of that is personal preference/goals.

How often and for how long would you be wearing it? Just looking to stop the typical street crime guns of like 9mm, .380, .38spl, .40, and the like?

I might start here


It’s like buying a gun. It’s what feels good (not the “feel good” of the woke kind) and comfortable. Recoil, weight, grip, etc.

Would you be ok carrying 2lbs or 10lbs?
You have to try it on for yourself.


Yes, with different body sizes and preferences one should try on before purchasing or you will end up with one like the first vest I got. The first one I bought can fit my granddaughter but definitely will not fit me. Just think of it like trying on clothes. You will want it to be able to fit firm but also have room to maneuver comfortably. It is your choice if you want a vest that just protects your front and back or one that covers and protects all 360 around your body.


I noticed there is more variety nowadays for body armor. I see some vests that have more coverage and wrap around, those might have more coverage but do have more bulk and weight.

I see other vests which are only just that, vests, less bulky, but with two main pockets, one big one in the front, another for the back, where the plates are sold separately, and you just insert them. I think those are mainly for protecting the vital organs.

Ratings: They come in levels, level 3 or higher is supposed to protect against high caliber hand guns. Those tend to also help protect against stabbings.

If it’s your first body armor and your are not in a lot of very high risk of rifle fire, you might be able to save money but not buying rifle caliber armor, but they do have those if needed.

Colors: Most come in black, then white or tan, a few green.

I kind of like this Co (they have variety as well):

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