BUGs and Mice (Mouse Guns)

Some call them boot guns, some pocket pistols. Mouse Guns and BUGs are the current titles. I live where it is hot in summer. Satan come here to warm up. Boots aint gonna happen. A gun strapped to your belt may well get damaged by sweat. The mouse guns are easy to carry in a pocket or a Remora holster with a sweat shield. Also the mouse guns are easy to conceal without having to dress around them.
I have owned the P3AT and the LCP. Both were miserable for practice and you need to practice. Too much recoil. The Sig P238 was the best in the 380 ACP. If I were buying now it would be a Glock 42 because it has a 1/2" longer barrel and it does make a difference in performance of JHP ammo. JHP was not a consistent performer in the short barrels. If it expanded no penetration. No expansion over penetration.
I sold my 380’s. MY semi auto mouse choice is the Keltec P32. 8 rounds with a 10 round back up mag. JHP does not perform in the tiny gun so I carry European Mfg FMJ. American loads are anemic. I would buy an LCP2 if Ruger would bring it out in 32 ACP. Control is more important than power and you will pick up a round or 2. 32 ACP FMJ does not have the same penetration as the 380 ACP. By the way the P32 fits nicely in the little pocket on jeans or a vest if you wear one.
My other pocket carry choice is a Ruger LCR 38 spl revolver with 148 grain wadcutters. Again in the short barrels JHP is inconsistent. The wadcutter does not expand but the flat face and sharp shoulder cut rather than push. It is an old school load from the days when police carried revolvers.
I am a proponent of control. Hitting and speed are more important than power. Shoot what you can control and make fast follow up shots.


I got one of these little derringers after trying one out. I put a lot of rounds through it with no malfunctions, had pretty good hits, and my hands didn’t get tired. Those are the problems I’ve had with other small pistols. I bought one soon after.

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Check into Crossbreeds brand of holsters. They are constructed so that no part of the gun touches one’s skin.

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I have soaked leather holsters with sweat. The Remora is pretty water resistant. I usually use kydex and they can be found with shields.

Federal’s new Hydroshok Deep appears to have solved the issue of reliable expansion and sufficient penetration from a short barreled .380 acp. But good luck finding any.

I owned an LCP 1 didn’t like the trigger or sights. The LCP 2 was a little better. The G42 shoots very nice but is nearly the size of the P365 which has a more powerful round and a lot more of them. Unfortunately for me the P365 is just a little on the big and heavy side for comfortable pocket carry.

But I think the LCP max is about as good as you can get in a pocket pistol. It doesn’t shoot as soft as the G42 but it is noticeably smaller (barely bigger than the LCP 2) and has up to twice the capacity. I wouldn’t say it is pleasant to shoot but the improved grip and barrel lockup make it noticeably more comfortable and controllable than the LCP 1 or 2. I carry mine in a kydex pocket holster and barely notice it is there.