Bruce Tegner Books - FYI

For those even with a casual interest in unarmed self-defense, Bruce Tegner (1929 - 1985) wrote several and a wide variety of books on self-defense and various martial arts - including aikido, savate, and stick and cane techniques. Tegner taught military instructors and police in hand-to-hand techniques, and actors like Steve McQueen and James Coburn in realistic stage-fighting, as well as appearing in TV shows back then. Although books and photos aren’t substitutes for actual practice, they’re still useful references.


Wrote a lot of books, did he ever have time to practice/apply his craft?

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He was a life-long martial artist, taught by both of his parents.

I read those Bruce Tegner books back in the day.
The most important thing I learned from them is that if I want to learn martial arts, I needed to find a dojo and take lessons from a real live sensei.

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