Bring in the actors

Matthew McConaughey goes to Washington to speak to Congress and push for gun control.
Does anyone think the gun control advocates in Washington set this up?
My personal view.
“It takes an intelligent individual to believe an inanimate item does bad things.”


I watched some of it, until I couldn’t anymore. Love many of his movies, but politics isn’t a match for him. It was almost impossible to watch.


It’s okay to hope and dream. I have a tall ask; An ask of bravery and sacrifice to the cause. Can actors and their entire film industry please stop making violent films? It takes a village. If so, then I’d hold a lot of respect for them. I’m ready to do my part. Them?

Who better? Impeccable, well liked. Not to mention, he was born in that same exact town where that tragedy occurred. Sad events.


I’m sure everyone listened intently to this actor saying the words he has rehearsed many times before appearing. What they should be asking this actor is why does your industry make movies humanizing the scum that carry out these horrific events? You make movies depicting actual events or based on actual events from some truly sick tragedies just to make money. If you don’t have an actual event to use, then you create something that these sick vermin can try. So, the next time you use a bombing, shooting, arson attack, etc. remember the affect this may have on a community.


Ends up selling them a Lincoln Navigator :wink:


I’m just not inclined to take advice about guns from someone just because they are really good at acting.


Remind me how many millions has he made glamorizing how many guns?

That should tell you everything you need to know. Trusting in the word of hypocrites is never a good idea.

Now I ask you, based upon this (very democratic sounding :roll_eyes:) statement:

Who gets to decide who gets “kicked off?”


Does anyone think that these shooters are being coerce to do so, i mean once one if these shootings take place they take everything away so society cant read or see anything they post are video, but could they be. Or they on the dark web where someone is influencing them to act on their thoughts, something has to be going on somewhere somehow.

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If I had a Lincoln with a DVD player I would watch his movies while having a sipper of Wild Turkey 101. Course I’d still have a firearm on me. Hmmm parked & not running…


Hey Matthew, don’t forget about these :rofl:


Is that, DO AS I SAY DON’T DO AS I DO senerio.


Maybe Diane will show Matthew proper grip


F hollywood



Why should we listen to an actor who has a 160 million dollar net worth? He can afford security who would be more than likely exempt from any gun control or bans that congress may be passed. Also, I did see some and he appeared genuine however he would not be considered a good actor if he appeared otherwise. Please note the shoes on his wife’s lap as well, if they were truly from a Uvalde child wouldn’t they be larger or have blood on them? Also it appears that his wife has been photographed wearing the same style Converse green shoes, I cannot confirm that beyond a doubt, but the presence of a prop smells “act” to me.


A second part to all this is the TESTIMONIES.
Congress is listening to people who have been effected by these terrifying attacks. Personal note: I do care and feel very sad for all these people this has happened to. Though why doesn’t Congress also listen to people who have saved themselves, family and others who have been saved by private citizens carrying a legal firearm.
We need equality, there’s not only one side to a wall. Whats on the other side?


I am watching the U.S.House debate on gun violence bills as I type.


Most people on the gun-control side are not intelligent people.


Maybe we wouldn’t be in this position if Hollywood had any idea on how to handle firearms safely! Barring Keanu Reeves!
I’ve seen more disclaimers for this, than I have for any action flick ever made! “Don’t try this at home”

What would be the harm in adding the 4 laws of gun handling prior to every action flick. I understand that we are 60 years late, but it’s never to late to save a life! “The More You Know” and all that!
Maybe Alec Baldwin could be the poster child for gun safety and the voice over for the rest of his life!
I also understand that liberals and knowledge are mutually exclusive, but that shouldn’t stop us!

Doesn’t it make more sense to include that disclaimer here?


Almost seems like these shootings are timed to draw us away from what the left is doing behind the curtain.