Bren Ten

I was perusing the BassPro website and had never noticed they list used guns. If anybody is looking for a collectable it might be worth checking out every now and then.

Way above my budget, but they have a Bren Ten in their used stock right now if anyone is interested:

Dornas & Dixon ~ Bren Ten ~ 10mm Auto | Bass Pro Shops


If anyone orders that, it is mandatory they carry it in a Galco Miami Classic shoulder holder. White pants, white jacket, pink tank top, and mullet are optional.


Side note… if anyone might find it interesting…

Although even Galco says “Galco’s Jackass Rig became the Miami Classic,” the pic they have on their website (which looks like it is holding a S&W) is more in-line with their “Jackass Rig Shoulder System” than their Miami Classic or Miami Classic II shoulder holsters.

Pic from Galco:
*** Won’t let me copy and paste so here’s the link to the page again:

Random Pick on the internet of Johnson with the Bren (angle of the pistol makes me think of the Jackass setup):

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Sorry… have to do it… :sweat_smile:

DJ’s pink shirt and white pants got nothing on Sean Connory (Zardoz)… RIP.


I’d run away screaming… :open_mouth:

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But, Mr Connery isn’t carrying a Bren Ten.

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The “Miami Classic II” as shown on the Galco website:

But, they have the wrong gun in it :frowning:

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