Breaking News! Prez. Trumps Mar-A-Lago Home raided by fbi



The Biden documents are for limited release, in addition to top secret. They are classified that way because they can lead to specific intelligence resources.




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LOL, took me a minute. :smirk:


I love stories like this. Anyone older than 5 knows that politics is full of two-faced people and double standards, but it’s fun to watch political contortionists try to explain why these two cases are somehow different.


There are 2 reasons why I think Biden’s is worse. If you noticed, I have only cited reporting from non conservative sources. So no one can say I am only using far right citations.

The documents were found in early November – a week before the midterm elections – by Biden’s attorneys

Also, why did this not get reported before the election. it’s not like suppressing valid information right before an election has not happened to this administr… Well, Surprise, surprise, surprise I am wrong on that point. Must be good to be a Biden.

However, these are documents that Biden had for at least 5 years at a very bare minimum. As he has been out office since 2017. He also had to have them moved 2 times. Since he left office with them from some unknown date. Then he would have had to move them in 2019 from where he had them moved to his newly constructed office, in a newly constructed building. So we know at a minimum he had the documents moved 2 separate times.

Most telling for me. I am sure that other forum members from the military, can tell you. That Top Secret gets slapped on nearly anything. But what makes this so egregious in my eyes. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

"Gangel reported that the classified materials included some top-secret files with the sensitive compartmented information designation that is used for highly sensitive information.


Oh. But it’s Lunch Box Joe, You know, From Scranton. I mean he really didn’t mean to forget about having classified documents and, after all, he did self report and give them back before an FBI SWAT Team came by to pick them up. And don’t forget, he’s a Democrat, he doesn’t have ginger hair and he’s not a Billionaire, so there’s that. :roll_eyes:


By Carol E. Lee and Ken Dilanian

WASHINGTON — Aides to President Joe Biden have discovered at least one additional batch of classified documents in a location separate from the Washington office he used after leaving the Obama administration, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Since November, after the discovery of documents with classified markings in his former office, Biden aides have been searching for any additional classified materials that might be in other locations he used, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to provide details about the ongoing inquiry.

You can’t make this kind of stuff up :joy::rofl:

Another cache of documents, at another location were found that Biden had taken while VPOTUS.

Also the Penn/Biden office, it appears to have been paid for by “anonymous” Chinese Donations $54.1 million.

Say it ain’t so Joe.

Story is sourced from NBC. I am still trying to be neutral in what I post.


Remember when Biden was railing Trump over documents at Mar-A-Lago.

The saying don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Are going through my head right now:smiley:


I may watch too much TV, but I’ve learned perps always return to the scene of the crime, arsonists can always be found in crowd and guilty people usually destroy or move the evidence when the heat is on.
It may not have been a red wave, but someone lit a fire under his a$$!
Maybe 2023 is going to be our best year, could be a whole bunch of Perry Mason moments ahead. I can hear his voice!

I can’t wait to hear the words

Ok, way too much TV


Word of the year…IMPEACHMENT


I’d be a happy man if we could get through just one 4-year presidential term without the opposing party calling for impeachment.

While we’re at it, could we stop using the word “treason” every time we disagree?


Ok, I’ll play…subversion, infidelity, betrayal, duplicity, mutiny. However you spell it or sound it out a rose by any other name is still a rose. If it walks like a Biden, talks like a Biden, it’s a liar! Hope I’m being gender neutral enough! Finally we’re beginning to expose the biggest “omertà” that’s infiltrated our house!


I vote for Trump to appoint the special counsel to investigate Biden! Now we can break out the popcorn!


I do agree to a point, however those articles of impeachment were for Mayorkis, not Biden. What really gets me is:

  1. Vice President should never have access to the documents in question accept by permission of the President
  2. This is not being treated as seriously as Donald Trump, and is being treated as not a big deal by the same crew who wanted Trump thrown in jail or executed for an offense that is actually smaller
  3. Some classified documents were found in Biden’s Garage, think that may be more accesable than the Mira Lago Basement with a locked door and staffed office with security personnel.
  4. It appears that the Biden Penn Center possibly was a pay to play schema, U of Penn benefitted greatly by over 1/3 being donations by China (over 50 million).
  5. Documentation referring to the Center is on the President’s son’s “forgotten laptop.”

Based on this who do you really think needs severe treatment? The ex president or the current president who was VP at the time? If the 5 allegations I have asserted are true, what should be the penalty?


I’m not out to crucify either person. I suspect Trump’s lawyers are having a very good week; it’s going to be very difficult for the justice department to prosecute Mr. Trump if there’s no action taken against Mr. Biden. And let’s be real, there won’t be any action taken against Mr. Biden.

As I said earlier, I’m just enjoying the show as political contortionists try to explain why one case is a crime and the other is not. Some of them are going to need some very strong muscle relaxants when this is over.

In the meantime, I suspect every living former president is locked in his basement with an industrial grade shredder, today.


Heck, as I’m reading this and listening to that same contortionist, my significant other is in an adjacent room shredding all my mail!
I’m also in the process of bleaching my computers!
That podium clown sure is stressed. Let me be clear, she’s emotionally losing it!

It’s very hard to lie when your pants are literally on fire! That makes most people jumpy!


He’ll use the Clinton defense, he did not know they were there… that will be easy for him as he does not even know where he is, let alone know that he is the “acting” president. Oh, wait, that was Reagan… :rofl: