[Breaking News] ATF Deems Q Honey Badger "Pistol" as an "SBR"

I had watched those videos of how ATF made their decisions but is totally wrong in their actions!


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The White House is looking into the matter.

The article is short, so I’ll put the relevant bits here:

On Saturday the White House told the Washington Beacon that the administration would be looking into the ATF’s actions in order to ensure Second Amendment rights are not being violated.

The White House said, “The White House and leadership at the Department of Justice are reviewing this matter to ensure there is no interference with the ability of law-abiding citizens—including lawful firearms manufacturers—to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed liberties.”


A 60 day reprieve until after the election:


I am quite surprised the ATFE even moved against an AR platform of any type since they had to eat crow and admit that an AR-15 is not even a rifle or a pistol (by their own legal definition) and let a guy go because of it. No I don’t think it is a political move but I have run across several ATFE agents that know less about firearms than they do about computers or cars. To quote a friend of mine “The badge is the power, the holder of the badge is supposed to be mindful of that.”




Check out the status of the ATF vs Honey Badger: https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/10/15/atf-order-honey-badger-pistol/


Kevin Brittingham (owner of Q) holds a Q&A with Military Arms Channel. TLDR -> he’s not super happy about the situation :slight_smile:


Thanks for the video! Good one to ponder on the outcome of our Second Amendments which I hope will not be eroded by the ATF, We would have to push for lawyers of gun owners to fight the battle for our freedom. Don’t vote for the Democrats or they will take your guns forever from you all! Wake up and we must abolish Soros’ world order and his Democrat minions! Train and we might have to fight ourselves someday down the road like George Washington dared the British!

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Update from AmmoLand. They do not mention a source, so take with a hefty grain of salt…

Q, LLC is the only company to go public that the ATF sent it a cease and desist letter over a firearm with a pistol brace. Multiple sources have confirmed that the ATF has served additional companies with similar cease and desist letters. The ATF believes that certain manufactures have pushed past the legal boundaries of what is considered a pistol brace.

While AmmoLand News was able to verify that the ATF has recently sent out letters to other manufacturers it has not obtained the names of the targeted companies. It is not clear if these companies have received their cease and desist letters or if they will get the same 60-day stay as Q, LLC

I don’t know of any other company that is as attached between brace/firearm as Q is. Every other pistol maker that I can think of, just uses one of the existing braces from SB Tactical or Gearhead (for example) in their builds. So it is possible, that this ATF ruling is unique to Q.


Where there is smoke, there is fire. And from the beginning of the Q ordeal, there were rumblings that other manufacturers had also gotten letters. If you go back further to Congressman Matt Gaetz’s letter to the ATF in June which mentions manufacturers in the plural more than once this adds more credibility to that suspicion.

Some unwitting manufacturers, who supposedly failed to comply with these hidden standards, have already been forced by ATF to recall thousands of firearms for destruction from innocent customers. Other companies are currently being threatened by ATF to halt sales and recall existing products or face criminal and civil penalties.

Many tech companies, when issued subpeonas for access to people’s email (this is what Snowden leaked) were legally bound to “not tell anyone” about these searches. So there is some precedent for not discussing ongoing enforcement. Not saying its a good precedent, but its there nonetheless.