Bread and Circuses, my friends Bread

And we are off to the races… again, where a morally bankrupt administration is making all these promises to buy that sweet, sweet youth vote.

  1. Going to buy , I mean cancel some amount of Students College Loan Debt. :heavy_check_mark:

  2. The DEA is going to publish a new rule (pay no mind to the fact that it’s Congres’s job to do that) and reclassify Marijuana from a Class 1 drug, and it will now be classified as a Class 3 drug. Also anyone with simple Possession of Marijuana conviction may get it wiped away. :heavy_check_mark:

Now personally, this does not bother me, nor does it affect me in any way. What it does do is it makes me laugh. I’ve gotten so jaded, and cynical that very little the Democratic Party does would surprise me. Bread and Circuses. I mean it’s the same tired song and dance year in, year out and the youth vote fall for it every election cycle.


Democrats heard singing
:notes: I believe the children are our future :notes:




Likely due to DA2, Biden’s son. Anything to get him off (pun intended).



Imagine if you will, 4 more years of what you are seeing today…




I thought the exact same thing you did when I saw that last night. I don’t feel like I could be more jaded, myself, but then FJB and his fellow dems do their next thing and I get even more cynical.

But hey, at least our sacred educational institutions are in good shape, and we Americand are happily paying the youth of the country to get good solid educations knowing the future is in good hands, right?



No, I cannot imagine that, I find it very difficult to imagine our country surviving that long.


Yea, right :woozy_face:


'Keep 'em STONED and STOOPID! and you FJB will get their Vote!

Wipe their Student Loan Debt away and Give them a useless .gov job and you have just bought their LOYALTY!

And IF they are truly loyal give them a Job w/ the ATF! Two week course and you can be an ELITE OPERATOR!


'Dis is gonna b goode----right Karacal?


The truly sad thing is all our “good” Senators and Congressmen(women) are being run off with the threat that if they do not leave “voluntarily” and in a way to “strengthen” our current one party system they will have problems collecting their retirement funds and benefits.
Who wants s one party system? Besides the multinational companies, billionaires, multimillionaires and the truly ultra rich which make Bill Gates seem like a pauper…
Groups like the Trilateral Commission exist and when too much is known about them they simply rename their organization, put new leaders in by name only and they are off and running again.
My father was a member of one of these organizations and he attended other such groups meetings in Dallas , TX over the years. I never really knew much about them but, their solutions to over population were very scary to a boy who’s iq put him in Mensa during his fourth grade year and supported by senior year tests in high school and college .
The solutions offered were draconian even by the English/British Aristocrasy’s stance in the 16th and 17th hundreds.Their goal is to re-instate the English. This was announced in the ‘60’s and I have not seen or heard it’s change since. style Monarchy and the Aristocracy.
No true middle class extreme poor class and a highly restricted upper class. or worse a total dictatorship


Who else, the ones who have stolen the power and are now working to butress it.


the masses with taxpayer money

and you’ll reign until everything burns to the ground.


That’s what LSD is for! Been there, done that, it was way better in the 70’s! Better music, better outlook on life. Barring the god old days of Jimmy Carter!

4 more years and we’re going to need drugs, schedule 1 - 12

This is what it will look like without the drugs. Bidens true vision of the new green world order!


Just like the ATF makes gun laws, the DEA makes drug laws. Members of Congress are too politically cowardly to put their names on votes involving either guns or weed.

The criminalization of marijuana is just another example of history repeating itself. Prohibition was the great (failed) American experiment with social engineering. The belief was that alcohol contributed to family violence as Dad came home drunk and beat Mom in front of the kids. So, all we needed to do is make alcohol illegal and America’s domestic world would improve, right?

Wrong! Prohibition did not stop people from drinking, but the illegality of liquor just made criminals of millions of Americans and enriched organized crime. One of the side effects of Prohibition was the passage of the National Firearms Act that made short-barreled rifles and shotguns, suppressors and machine guns illegal (without a tax stamp). The ATF we have today was born to enforce this and keep us all safe.

Marijuana’s tale is similar. The illegality of weed has simply enriched organized crime and cartels that have destroyed central American nations contributing to the crisis on the southern border as people rightfully flee these drug cartels. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that the DEA’s drug enforcement has caused much of the crisis on the southern border. Maybe, the DEA’s budget should be sequestered and allocated to Customs and Border Enforcement.

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