Brass Shortage

I’m going to speculate again, and propose that the ammo shortage has been brought on by a shortage of brass production, due to COVID layoffs, and perhaps brass manufacturers trying to meet sub-contract obligations to other makers. We may or may not discover the real reason, but I suspect this might be the main problem, and anyone engaged in price-gouging should be given the treatment they deserve when the situation improves. Shop 'til you drop, but shop carefully, and avoid temporary amnesia.

First time in a reloading component shortage?

Reloaders are the end of a very long chain; a mere speck of the consumption of the components needed. Copper is also in a price spike of it’s own at the current time. When the demand for loaded ammunition spikes, the supplies on our end dry up. Usually the erosion in supplies last 18 months; sometimes longer. Judging by what I am seeing on the back orders just for bullets, it will be two years this time. Assuming that the pressure on loaded ammunition eases.

Wouldn’t it be so funny if the government had a hand in the shortage of ammo? :rofl:

This too shall pass. Always does. I seldom reload but have always bought what I thought I might use over the years. Now I have the option if I choose. I dont have to spend hours looking for components and would not have to pay a fortune if I found any. Just the way I roll.