Brandon live on TV

He is talking about 2A



talked about the weapons ban being reinstated
magazine capacity reduced
age to purchase to 21
urging house and senate to put together a bill to make changes permanent



But, but, but, we must do something…
More useless legislation that won’t save even one child. :angry: :cry:


Canada frets about handguns because of Texas. Biden doesn’t want to be undone, frets about Canada winning the war on firearms. Can hardly wait for the cartels to take over…


I just retained a couple lawyers, so I can go after Chevy, Ford, Toyota, Budweiser, Miller, Firestone, AT&T, Verizon, Samsung, Apple, Nike, you name the company and I’m sure they’ve been involved somehow and in some way with vehicular assault and or homicide!

I plan to be extremely rich, if there’s no statute of limitations on “high capacity” magazines, then there shouldn’t be on high capacity engines!
See back in the 90’s I was hit by a high capacity Chevy with removable Goodrich tires. I’m thinking class action! Guy was on the phone and smoking, we’re talking some very deep pockets. Hit them where it hurts.
Ban cars, phones, cigarettes, hot coffee and for gods sake don’t let them drive until they’re 38!
And what about all the “ghost” drivers, you know, the hit and runners?

Furthermore, as soon as they put Hunter in prison for lying on his 4473 maybe I’ll listen to some debates. Until then ___________!

Live on TV?, looked more like one of those things you stick your hand up its back and make the mouth move!


Brandon may be on TV, but I don’t know if you can call it “live”. He fits the Homer category on Zombieland 2.


You mean like this dummy??? Gotta love Jeff D. and Walter. :rofl:


Nothing makes me laugh harder than Jeff Dunham! …And Brandon and Bubba one in the same! I do have more respect for Bubba J. He’s honest!

Like I said, Honesty


Enough, Enough, Enough, enough, enough, ban, enough, magazine, enough, enough, assault rifle, enough, enough…

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Canada is close to Russia…and not that far from China. Surely some Canadians know that.


It was a captivating speech! Surely his approval ratings are soaring and fellow Dems are taking a cue before November


This was more political posturing.

*Ban the AR-15? You can do more damage up close with a .357 or .45 handgun or a 12 gauge.

*Ban extended mags? All of the shooters in the last few weeks shot so slowly (2 rounds a minute in Texas!), smaller mags would have been completely irrelevant.

*Hold gun manufacturer responsible for how their products are used irresponsibly? That is just flat out absurd. We certainly should be able to sue a gun manufacturer if their product is defective, blows up in our face and we lose an eyeball and a few digits. But that’s different. Manufacturers do not force bad guys to make bad choices.

It was nice that he said he didn’t want to take guns away from responsible gun owners. It would have been nicer if he had publicly committed to VETO any legislation that wouldn’t 100% guarantee that.

This was the President’s Christmas wish list. He’ll get very little of it in the end.

Short term - immediate (before the start of another school year):

  1. Establish and implement minimum safety standards for schools and public buildings. With a fraction of what we are (rightly, IMHO) sending to Ukraine, a LOT could be improved in the next few months.
  2. Put armed police in every school
  3. Conclusively end straw purchases (it can be done)

Long term:

  1. Restore the value of every single person
  2. Return teaching of morals, ethics and civics to public schools
  3. Ban social media under 21 (I’m kinda kidding on this, but not entirely) and encourage cooperative recreational and social activities.

Tuckers take on bidens Gun Grab. :roll_eyes:


How can this be done? Have a question on the Form 4473?

21.a. Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form and any continuation sheet(s) (ATF Form 5300.9A)?

I certify that my answers in Section B are true, correct, and complete. I have read and understand the Notices, Instructions, and Definitions on ATF Form 4473. I understand that answering “yes” to question 21.a. if I am not the actual transferee/buyer is a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law, and may also violate State and/or local law.

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One of the best summaries on youtube:


Nah, this would be killing a goose that lays political golden eggs every time there is a school shooting crisis.


Wanna reduce gun crime? Address this.
A related question is, what happened to TX???