Boy dies in accidental shooting at St. Pete apartment,

Starting to think some people should be given an intelligence test before acquiring a firearm.


Better yet, before being allowed to have children…


Dave17, I like your answer better. Good one.


OK, I don’t leave firearms, loaded or not, laying around my place. For Me, when Will, 3 yrs old, comes over to my house, even unannounced I’m comfortable that he won’t get his hands on one BUT, not comfortable enough to not check my safe and my range bag as soon as they walk in. It’s important enough to me to make 100% sure that he won’t/can’t get ahold of a firearm that I check even when I know there aren’t any firearms located where he can get them, But that’s just me.


What a beautiful boy and life.

I’m fortunate to have been a student in three different CCW state license required classes. Although I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot, I later realized that there was so much more which could have been covered, especially on “handling, and storage”.

There’s education and training, but then there’s safety training and quality of training. If we could add our combined life experiences into training — owners, parents, and guardians could save a life.

Until, it happens to you, one’s own opinion is unchanged.

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All of our individual experience and training has already kept our families and those we trained safe. We do not need it to happen to us to believe in safety and training, we are already doing that. It’s good that you have learned things in your training - exactly what is expected; some get more from a class than others. When you are new, there is a lot to learn - as you have acknowledged.