BOOM! Democrat Pleads Guilty to Stuffing Ballot Boxes to Rig Elections

his is incredible, but not unbelievable. This is what I’ve said for years. Democrats almost without exception can not win an election unless it is rigged. I firmly believe that.

I do believe that there are some places where there are exceptions to that rule such as certain California districts as well as some districts in New York.

The Department of Justice just announced that they are going after a Philadelphia election official for “fraudulently” stuffing ballot boxes to help Democrats win elections from 2014-2016.

DeMuro was allegedly paid as much as $5,000 per cycle to commit the election fraud. Candidates whom he helped get elected included judges as well as local, state and federal officials.

He “fraudulently stuffed the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear,” U.S. Attorney William McSwain said Thursday.

In a press release, the Justice Department implied that the conspiracy stretches beyond DeMuro’s activities, with the ward chairman allegedly just one of multiple election fraudsters involved in fixing elections.

An “unnamed political consultant” allegedly accepted cash from “clients,” which he or she then used to hire multiple other Election Board officials to engage in fraud, the press release stated.

The FBI said the matter is part of an “active, ongoing investigation.”

Do you realize how big this? I believe that this might be why the DOJ announced that they are taking some extra measures this year to ensure that the election in November is legitimate and fair. That means making sure that the Democrats play fairly.

Shouldn’t this speak to Democrats? I really wish they would sit back, be quiet for just a minute and really think about this and their party’s behavior. Why is it that we don’t see this sort of thing within the Republican party like we constantly do with the Democrats?

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What!? No way, our elections are more secure now than ever!

Don’t you wonder why they are so against election audits? Audits won’t change the election, but would show if there was shenanigans going on.


So…I honestly think shenanigans happen in every election and from both sides. Just look at local elections and you will see what I mean.

That Being said…

They want us to believe the voting machines were absolutely secure and couldn’t be hacked…yet the biggest cyberattack in history came to light around December if I remember correctly. Look up the Solarwinds hack for reference. The hackers were in government computers for months undetected.

Keep in mind the easiest way for an enemy to take the US down is by having us rip it apart for them.

Sowing doubt into the sanctity of our elections would be an easy first step.


I swear to God I’ll pistol whip the next guy that says, “Shenanigans!”


some folks might call pistol whipping anti-social behavior :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


pssst: It’s a quote from a movie.



I will be your Huckleberry.



They are. They are securely in the control of whomever runs the ballot apparatus.


We have mail in ballots here, have for some time now. Nobody watches, nobody monitors who/where they send ballots to or who/where they are coming from when they get mailed back. The mantra is “It’s safe and Secure…” that’s our ironclad assurance that there are no Shenanigans going on here. That’s how democrats win in Salt Lake County in a firmly republican state.


What I find interesting is that not one sane person that I know would deposit their life savings or a weeks wages into such a collection system.

And yet, millions have spilled precious blood and died for generations to have this precious gift of “free elections”. Just so that you can piss it away in a mail in scheme. Handing it over to a group of people to “count their way” to victory or to count against your will to your own demise.

Stay safe out there.


We need UN election monitors in Califoricate, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and other 3rd world spots.


Honestly, I don’t think I would trust the UN either. :us:


recently learned there are some that find my post or the sources of my post disturbing and or offensive…

sadly the MSM and net giants have created a system of distortion and outright lies…wish it weren’t so…

for me truth is truth… source is… source… offensive or not…

that said I will now desist from offending further… best wish’s all


Don’t give up. As the outgoing leader said to the soon to be new leader, quote: " If half of the team loves what you did, and half of the team hates what you did, all it means is that you probably got it just about right". In other words, not only do we all make mistakes, but even if we didn’t, you simply can not please all of the people all of the time.

not giving up just tired of over and over explaining the same things to people that SHOULD know already but don’t seem to understand…

not sure if it’s worth it trying to educate when so many have been indoctrinated so thoroughly…

they have learned to believe what their told to believe… and ask no real questions…


I don’t think we need the UN for anything! :neutral_face:


Well that’s true for sure. It’s was supposed to be funny. I think that was a miss.


That’s what these are for. :rofl: :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :smirk: :wink: Yup, we missed yur humor. :us:

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Only some of us… :sunglasses: