Body vest

what’s the best company for body armor vest for the money and very good to concel under clothing, for all rounds.

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Safelife has a nice product.


I’m not sure there is a best, although some people may have a preference.

There is no such thing as for “all rounds”, especially concealable. Concealable generally means soft, and soft generally (I want to say never) handles rifle rounds. Also, the stronger handgun rounds require a thicker stiffer less concealable soft armor. It’s all a give and take.

This article is a few years old now but I like TTAG


Got “Military One Vest” from Integral Armor. Watch for their sales. Comfortable to wear, rugged and highly configurable.

I think the history of armor is kind of fascinating. European armies added more and more armor over time, especially for highly trained units that were more expensive to replace. (If you’re a peasant carrying a pointy stick, you’re SOL.)

As firearms improved, the need for armor went away, because it burdened the person (or horse) wearing it but did little to stop bullets. In the 20th century, armies developed metal helmets, but we didn’t really see any armor except flak vests for certain types of service members.

Then in the 21st century, we suddenly had fully armored Soldiers and Marines wearing helmets, vests, bigger vests, groin pads, optional knee and elbow pads, gloves and eyepro, and eventually armored horsepower. Funny how history repeats itself.

I’ve noticed that lately, that the U.S. military is still wearing armor, but the full-body vests have been reduced to minimal plate carriers, trading some level or protection for more agility on foot. It will be interesting to see how this trend plays out.

I just want to know where I can get one of those bullet proof tuxedos like John Wick had.


I don’t know about a bullet proof tux, but vests and hoodies you can find at

I do not have a soft vest. I do have a 5.11 plate carrier with side panels. All plates are AR500. My kids both have ballistic panels in their school backpacks. I had to get permission from the school board for my kids to carry them.


I can’t imagine under what circumstances they could justify not letting kids carry them?? Also can’t imagine that it is any business of theirs? Though I have heard of some anti self defense politicians trying to ban law abiding citizens from owning them. That just makes absolutely no sense to me as they cannot be used to harm anyone.


The requirement for permission stemmed from an illegal backpack search from one teacher who was eventually terminated for the search. She found the plate in my Son’s backpack, asked what it was and then went completely off the rails. My Son was taken out of class and isolated in an office. His backpack was completely emptied in another office. I wasn’t called until about 3 hours later, then I went completely off the rails.

The long and short of it was I was trying to protect my Son and the school board thought I was some sort of militia member and I had brainwashed my Son. They finally relented. Now several other parents have put ballistic plates in their kids backpacks. The trend is spreading.

Both of my Sons carry level 3A plates in their backpacks. I have a level 3A in my backpack plus my plate carrier in my truck. My Wife, unfortunately with her medical condition, is unable to carry anything other than her purse. She does carry a pair of spare magazines for me.


Sorry you and especially your son had to go through that! I can imagine that being very traumatizing for you both.

I just can’t understand how hoplophobic people can also become so fixated with completely defensive tools such as body armor? I can sorta understand why they fixate on wanting to ban certain firearms. It is based on irrational fear, flawed logic and/or magical thinking but I can see it making some warped sense to some people.

But you think that irrational fear of firearms would lead the anti self defense crowd to insist on everyone being provided with bullet proof armor to protect us all from all these evil guns? Insisting law abiding people also not have access to vests and plates just proves their ultimate goal is to turn all law abiding citizens into defenseless victims.


A lot of people out there aren’t explicitly or solely afraid of [citizens possessing] guns, they are afraid of citizens being independent. For a lot of people, it’s that they want to be dependent on the government and they also want other people to be dependent on the government…because they are afraid of being dependent when others aren’t.

Some people’s lack of desire for personal responsibility is exactly the same thing



I’ll take your word for it. But whatever response you made seems reasonable for the circumstances.

Insane that they responded that way.


I can see this maybe on a subconscious level. But in my personal experience most people seem to firmly believe they are putting in the necessary effort and are adequately prepared and capable for life’s challenges. At least until faced with a situation they can’t handle. Then they expect someone to swoop in and help instantly pick up all the pieces.

This may be why many are uncomfortable seeing others more prepared than they are. They may be too busy just trying to meet their family’s daily needs to have the time and funds to prepare for less likely threats or they don’t want to bother preparing because it cuts into their carefree, fun time. If they allow themselves to consider that the prepared people might be right then they have to reassess their priorities and put some effort and funds into preparing themselves.

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And as teachers, the people who objected to the armor were probably government employees.

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That may be one of the best summations of the dependent public that I have ever read.

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That is pretty much what I’m saying. They want to be dependent because they don’t want personal responsibility and they don’t want to have to take care of themselves or be ready for anything.

And they are afraid of not being those things while others are.

So they lash out against those who are prepared and who do take personal responsibility

It also helps them to not feel like they are shirking responsibility if they can convince/force others to do the same


I have a SafeLife, the model I have, I like in that it feels like it covers more of my body. The logo is very plain, not flashy.

I have a plain shell as well as one for class with the pockets and such. Agree with you. Nice equipment and fit well. The Mrs also is liking hers as well.

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I wish I could say that yours was the first story I’ve read of a teacher acting irrationally after finding plates in a student backpack, but it isn’t.

I know of one case where law enforcement was called in as if the child were caught with a firearm and two pipe bombs. They responding officer took his time to figure out the situation, and finally told the school principal: not only was the child’s backpack perfectly legal, but the school had violated the student’s rights and the parents have been notified. (He smiled when he told me that story.)