Body camera footage of knife attacker vs police

This footage shows the officer’s car getting rear ended and just how quickly a person with a knife can close the gap


I think the officer did everything he could try to do to before having to use deadly force to stop the threat.

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Thanks God nothing happened to the officer.
He did everything right.
I’m wondering why some people are so stupid to attack LEO these days? It’s like suicide mission…

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The guy had a kid, recently married… what the heck was happening to make him rear-end a cop car and then attack the cop? Something more to that story.

Looks pretty clear that the cop defended himself as he should have.

Do not read if you are easily offended by someone saying something against Political Correctness.




You are now reading a non politically correct statement.

This, this right here is what is wrong with our country. I don’t care what race either party is/was. This is a textbook example of a legitimate use of force as there could be.

  1. The officer did not profile/bait/or in any way cause this confrontation. The fact that he is Caucasian and the aggressor is African American had 0 value in this incident. But, some are trying to make this into a cause, because of it.

  2. The LEO was rear ended, assaulted with a deadly weapon, and then thrown to the ground by the aggressor. Then and only then, did the LEO respond with deadly force.

The fact that this officer is having to go through this politically motivated circus is what is so wrong with our Country. That the Mayor, The PD, or even the LEO are having to spend any time answering to this. Is what’s wrong. The fact that the city or DA are having to pay any of the publics funds on this are what is wrong.

The fact that any organization is trying to use this as an abuse of force by LE. Is what is wrong with our Country.

NEWSFLASH :snowflake:

Sometimes people go off the deep end for no apparent reason. They and those around them, have to realize, that sometimes they are wrong and stop the grandstanding for media attention to further their agenda’s.

Is this tragic? Yes, it is. Apparently, the aggressor had alot of good things coming, but that does not make the LEO at fault, the fault in this lays with the aggressor, not LE. Go find a real incident to agitate over. “This is not the Incident, you are looking for” (wave hands like a Jedi).

The people in this that are calling for more investigation, gun powder residue tests and everything else. Just realize you reflexively jumped to conclusions and are now trying to save face with some smoke and mirrors. They are what’s wrong with this Country right now.