Blue Lives Matter: NYPD Posts Trophy Shot Of 'Firearm' They Took Off The Streets

Blue Lives Matter: NYPD Posts Trophy Shot Of ‘Firearm’ They Took Off The Streets.


Somehow i just can’t figure out how that one deserved a team pic… the comments are hysterical though.
They are taking a hell of a ribbing for it.


It is things like this which make our police look stupid. I am not saying the police are stupid, I am saying the PR department is stupid because they are looking to make good press instead of spending the money on making good busts


The Police Gang is full of themselves in far too many instances. This is laughable. They are Civil Servants protecting their 6 and pension. This gang has gone to court to render themselves as having no responsibility to and for citizens. So they need to stop with the Protect and Serve nonsense. We need to get over it and start demanding that they act professionally, They often create their own problems.

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Deservedly so. An inoperable, ancient firearm, and they have a group photo shoot? Now, if it were an operable, well-maintained firearm, having recovered it and returned to its rightful own, that would be deserving of a photo op, and re-print in every news site and paper, as that would be extremely rare.