'Blood Money': How China Is Secretly Arming American Criminals


Now, that’s alarming! But not surprising! As soon as they take out Trump, all hell will break loose!


Easier than an invasion :man_shrugging:t4:


The Chinese are nothing if not patient. They don’t even have to attack Taiwan, bidung has given them keys to the kingdom. All they have to do is continue to help us rot from within, then take over Taiwan without a shot, then us.


Now we know, what, the chinese paid biden for!!!


This article is “clickbait” – a headline making lurid claims designed to outrage/attract readers.

The article is about “research” that claims that Chinese companies are “flooding the U.S. with auto sear switches, a small metal device also known as “Glock switches” that can convert handguns into machine guns.” The “researcher” claims that these switches invariably find their way to gangs and drug dealers, which undermines American society as part of a devious Chinese strategy to weaken America.

The article also notes that these Glock switches can be made using a 3d printer, but the Chinese imports are of higher quality, which somehow is worse.

Note that the article embraces the notion that illegal firearms – machine guns – are inherently bad 'cause they are used by criminals to kill innocents. It is the same Prohibition-era argument that gave us the NFA – gangsters will use machine guns and short barreled rifles and will kill innocents if those weapons are not banned. The article spins the manufacture of a gun part as a component of a devious Chinese plot to destroy China’s largest trading partner (America).

Hmmmm. That makes sense to me (not).

Pure clickbait.

Stop buying Chinese products.


I do, where a product I’m searching for is “made in the USA”. I have a belt buckle that I’ve worn since 1978 that has “made in USA” molded on the back and can be changed out to a belt without a buckle. It has outlasted at least 3 belts and still shines. I was going to retire it so I went looking online for a replacement as close to this one as I could find. Best I could find was CCJ (Cheap Chinese Junk) rated 2 stars, made of pot metal that I didn’t bother to buy. My old buckle is still in service and now holds my britches up, in spite of the fact that my chest is now located behind my navel and has a greater circumference than was the case when I originally purchased this buckle, which I attribute to the fact that Gravity Works.


Read Peter Schweizer’s book, then come back and will discuss what makes sense.


Point taken. But start with the credibility of the author. He’s a former consulting speech writer for George Bush, and appears to have no “real world” expertise in trade, foreign policy, or China apart from his pontification. He, along with Steve Banno, founded the highly partisan Government Accountability Institute, a right-wing think tank, and an editor at Breitbart News. Hardly, an unbiased source.

At the end of the day, China saber rattlers are just complaining about China with no feasible, realistic solution. War with our largest trading partner? Is that what they want? Consider that the military spent around 20 years fighting the Taliban in the hills of Afghanistan before retreating. How would it fare in China?

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This is the whole issue. If we raise the minimum wage, and “tax the rich”, then we can get the price of American made goods so high that we will be forced to buy chinese junk. It seems as though that everything is made in china. Amazon used to put the country of origin on their listings, but not anymore. I’ve bought stuff from American companies, thinking it was made by that company, and when I got the product it says made in china.


Can’t say I disagree with that. I do however suspect, not only China but other Governments that are not necessarily our friends have figured out ways, read $$$, to effect our political outcomes. It’s not that difficult to see the amount of wealth these politicians accrue while in office, creating nothing, no profitable product…


I imagine shutting down a CHINESE police station in midtown manhattan is clickbait as well?


We are soooooo done! Unfortunately, my problem is I see it! Sometimes wish I was blissfully ignorant just like liberals. I wasn’t brought up that way!


It’s everywhere. Why Salt Lake City? Could it be Dugway Proving Grounds? Tooele Army Depot? Hill Air Force Base?


It’s all way too late.
Just now people are expressing “grave concerns”, sounds more like it hit “their own neighborhoods”, it’s in their backyard!
Sanctuary is, as sanctuary does!


And our national security agencies – CIA, State Dept, military – have done the same thing to foreign governments to a much greater degree. It should not be a surprise or shocking when foreign governments do it in US elections.

Depends on the source of the information, doesn’t it? Is the source a guy who works at Brietbart and is a former political speech writer, or a member of the Falun Gong media which has been in an on-going media conflict with the Chinese Communist Party for decades.