Blocking hospital ER

@JOSHDaPoPo called it @Proverbs31.10-31.
At one point on my life I drove fire apparatus and we always professed that “the laws of tonnage apply!” There was very little a 60 foot red truck with a bright chrome bumper could not move, if push came to shove (literally)!


In my opinion, there is a serious flaw in the 1st Amendment. In considers all speach equal and free, including Marxist/Communist speach. It is suicidal for a society, Marxism should be criminalized, based on 150 000 000 victims it created.
On top of this, this speach is no longer non-violent.


Hmmmm. That could be called McCarthyism, and we all know how that worked out. :thinking:


Oh, Cancel culture of the 50s? :slight_smile:


Yup, pretty much. Just like today, a good idea that was used incorrectly. :roll_eyes:

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I didn’t know that. Glad you pointed it out.
Authority of arresting officer.

548.091. Every such officer or other person empowered to make the arrest, shall have the same authority, in arresting the accused, to command assistance therein, as peace officers have by law in the execution of any criminal process directed to them, with like penalties against those who refuse their assistance.

This is Missouri’s statue


@JOSHDaPoPo & @MikeBKY Oh, okay. Thank you!


Kentucky Law Enforcement can require the assistance of the public.

70.060 Sheriff may command power of county.
Any sheriff, deputy sheriff or other like officer may command and take with him the power of the county, or a part thereof, to aid him in the execution of the duties of his office, and may summon as many persons as he deems necessary to aid him in the performance thereof.


Right, the common law concept of posse comitatus.

However, here in California our elected officials like to change and take away things that make sense.

Just like 5 years ago they modified the lynching law to remove the word ‘lynching’ (the crime of removing someone from the lawful custody of a peace officer by means of a riot) due to their lack of understanding of the orgin/meaning of the word. They thought it was a racist thing…